A Case Protocol app to acelerate the concensus process

for dates, automating the calendar availability exchange.


This research project is aimed at providing an open-source software to easily schedule and produce a case protocol

involving every stakeholder using recent technology.



             WHAT WE ARE DOING    


With the help of a Montreal lawyer (F. Calandriello) and McGill University students and Professors, we are iteratively

devloping this application that will allow lawyers to easily complete a case protocol and share the proposed dates with

every stakeholder for faster and easier scheduling and coordination. The software will handle coordination with everyone's

Outlook calendar by only picking out availabilities and ensure coimplete secure access by not processing any other

information. Satkeholders will be helped in solving scheduling conflicts and producing the final case protocol document to

be submitted to court.

                                                    Example of the first version of a throwaway prototype of the application                                      



Providing a robust cloud based solution that ensures a high level of availability, scalibility and security is on of the main 

technical challenge. To achieve this, an AWS serverless architecture is being experimented.


                                   Included is the proposed software architecture for the Back-End of UBUBI 

             WHAT WE HAVE DONE   


We are at the third version of the prototype and a presentation is planned end of august, beginning of september 2019 at

McGill University to obtain feedback on the progress.


              STUDENTS INVOLVED     M. Dupuis, PhD, A. Lemelin-Poulin, S. Éthier, A. Corriveau, W. Bezzaoui, G.Larente, J.Métivier, P.Rolland, A-D Sam-Yeng, J-M Lafrance, A. Girardin, X. Reid, S.Moussaoui


              TECHNOLOGIES     AWS Cognito, AWS Lambda


This project runs on Screen-Shot-2016-12-07-at-10-42-18-AM.png