Canada Research Chair in Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Electronics
  Holder: Kamal Al-Haddad, Ph.D.

This Chair’s objectives include the energy improvement of static converters and the improvement of energy quality in electrical distribution networks. Its research activities also cover the development of electric power supply sources for telecommunications systems and electric traction systems for passenger transport. Several industrial partners, notably Bombardier Transport, ASTEC and Hydro-Québec, are interested in these areas of research.

TransÉnergie Chair on Simulation and Control of Electric Power Systems
Holder: Louis-A. Dessaint, Ph.D.

This industrial chair contributes to the development of simulation tools required for designing, planning and operating electric grids. The Chair also develops innovative control methods allowing the control of various instability phenomena that are unique to major networks.

Coupled with the development of these new tools, the Chair actively contributes to the training of electric grid operation specialists. The retirement of the current generation of experts indeed creates a shortage which Professor Dessaint is working to fill. Right in line with the needs of Hydro-Québec, the Chair thus also functions as an incubator for new researchers.