An intelligent application to extract the Ratio Decidendi

of a court decision.



             WHAT WE ARE DOING    


Several hundred course cases exist for the same civil codes. Often these course cases are very similar and always have

very similar attributes and decisions. Lawyers often need to go through hundreds of similar court cases in order to find

relevant information that will help them during their assessment. Our project is used to automate the task by analyzing the

court cases in order to be able to identify the most relevant details (ratio) that explain the reasoning behind the judge's


                                                    Example of a proof of concept using AWS services                                                                     



Providing a robust cloud based solution that ensures a high level of availability, scalibility and security is on of the main 

technical challenge. To achieve this, an AWS serverless architecture is being experimented.


                                   Included is the proposed software architecture for the Back-End of UBUBI 

             WHAT WE HAVE DONE   


Extract and segment text, analysis using regular expressions, generate logiciak entities and key sentences, train neural

networks, probabilistic evaluationof the result.


              STUDENTS INVOLVED     M. Dupuis


              TECHNOLOGIES     AWS Lambda and services


This project runs on Screen-Shot-2016-12-07-at-10-42-18-AM.png