Business Process Management R&D (BPM)

Good news, Globalliance is opening an R&D office in Montreal during the summer of 2018.

The BPM tools domain is in evolution. Here  can see the main players of this technology area

(Gartner 2017)





Following a number of consulting mandates in

Canada we have identified a number of areas

where improvements are needed. For example in

one of our consulting activity the client had

mapped  all its business processes using

Qualigram (a Microsoft Visio based tool). All

process maps (thousands) were placed on the

intranet of the company. Management loved this

simple process representation but IT decided to

recreate maps using the BPNM notation. This

creates inneficiencies and duplication. Our first

research project, BPM+, tries to unify both the

management and the IT views into one

representation that everybody in the

organization could 
share instead of duplicating.




BPM+: Study and validation of notations. Extensions to the BPNM notation to create a unified representation

that can be shared by management and IT analysts when creating the business process maps with the

objective of sharing them instead of creating two different sets in different notations.



Multiperspective controls:

We have also noted, during consulting activities, that once process controls are inserted into

business process maps it becomes very hard to assess their completeness/conformance and to

manage them from many perspectives (finance, IT security, ISO9001, ITIL, CMMi, ....). Another

issue is that process controls are repeated across referentials and best practice guides (like CobIT,

CMMI, ISO9001, ISO27002, SOX and many others). This project aims at allowing each individual

perspective of a process control to be tracked and represented wit its conformance (green,





- Research published by Dr. Carlos Monsalve (2013):

Formal validation of the Qualigram notation was done for level 2, using the Bush-Wand-Weber reference model, allowed to

identify issues with the notation. Some changes were proposed to ensure that the notation translate to BPMN (to and from).