Research units

LIO – Laboratoire d'imagerie et d'orthopédie
Director: Jacques A. de Guise

LIPPS – Products, Processes and Systems Engineering Laboratory
Director: Victor Songmene

LIVIA – Imaging, Vision and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Directors: Éric Granger and Christian Desrosiers

SYNCHROMEDIA – Multimedia Communication in Telepresence
Director: Mohamed Cheriet


CoRo – Control and Robotics Laboratory
Director: Ilian Bonev

DRAME – Research group specialized in Development and Applied Research in Environmental Modeling
Director: François Brissette

DRSR – Research team specialized in Development and Research on Structures and Rehabilitation
Director: Omar Chaallal

ÉREST – Research Team in Occupational Safety and Industrial Risk Analysis
Director: Stéphane Hallé

GRAM Groupe de recherche en acoustique à Montréal
Directors : Olivier Doutres and Jérémie Voix

GRIDD – Research Group in Integration and Sustainable Development in Built Environment
Director: Daniel Forgues

LABMULTIMEDIA – Multimedia Research Laboratory
Director: Éric Paquette

LAMSI – Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Director: Vladimir Brailovski

LARCASE – Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Active Control, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity
Director: Ruxandra Botez

LASI – Computer System Architecture Research Laboratory
Director: Nadjia Kara

LASSENA – Laboratory of Space Technologies, Embedded Systems, Navigation and Avionic
Director: René Landry

LATIS – Biomedical Information Processing Laboratory
Director: Catherine Laporte

LCMB – Pavements and Bituminous Materials Laboratory
Director: Alan Carter

LG2 – Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory
Director: Jean-Sébastien Dubé

LIDD - Engineering for Sustainable Development Laboratory
Directors: Natalia Nuno and Philippe Terrier

LINCS -  Cognitive and Semantic Interpretation Engineering Laboratory 
Director: Sylvie Ratté

LIVE – Interventional Imaging Laboratory
Director: Luc Duong

LOPFA – Optimization of Aerospace Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
Director: Philippe Bocher

NUMERIX – Organizational Engineering Research Laboratory for the Digital Enterprise
Director: Mustapha Ouhimmou
TFT – Thermo-Fluids for Transport Laboratory
Director: Julien Weiss