Ph.D. Program

Doctorate in engineering

Ph.D. program in detail

The ÉTS doctorate program is unique because of the applied nature of the work carried out by the students. It calls upon the expertise of the professors in the departments of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automated manufacturing engineering, construction engineering, software engineering and information technology.

The Applied Research profile comprises a major research component, and complies with more traditional doctoral standards. The objective of this approach is to give students an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of engineering, and to acquire superior skills in terms of synthesis, innovation, technical objectivity, socioeconomic awareness and leadership. As a result, doctorate students become researchers that the industry can rely on.

The doctorate program calls upon the expertise of professors from a variety of ÉTS departments and covers all of their areas of research. Their ability to juggle scientific competencies and work experience in the industrial milieu puts them at the cutting edge of research and technology transfer.

Admission Conditions:
Applicants for post-graduate programs must possess a Master's degree or equivalent. All applicants who have the necessary knowledge, appropriate training and relevant experience may be admitted following a review of their file.

Program that focuses on the acquisition of state-of-the-art knowledge and high-level competencies in research and development.

  • 2 courses in one area of specialization
  • 3-step synthesis examination
  • Completion of a major research project that makes a significant scientific or technological contribution

  • Career in research-innovation
  • Acquisition of state-of-the-art knowledge
  • Acquisition of high-level competencies in research-innovation

Note: Students are generally admitted full-time, but it is possible to be admitted as a part-time student by obtaining special authorization.