Maxime Fafard, Software Engineering graduate from ÉTS

$3 million for Sofdesk, a company founded by an ÉTS graduate

March 17, 2017
Maxime Fafard, Software Engineering graduate from ÉTS.
Maxime Fafard, a graduate of the Software Engineering program at ÉTS, was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug very early in life. He created four companies between the time he entered high school and his graduation from university! His latest company, called Sofdesk, which he co-founded with Lennie Moreno and Louis-Karl Laframboise, recently hit the big time with an investment of $3 million from two venture capital firms. This investment will allow Sofdesk to develop its North American market and move its offices to a location that is conducive to creativity.

The company specializes in developing software solutions for the solar energy, roofing repair and insurance.

The first solution designed by Sofdesk was conceived by Lennie Moreno, one of the Co-Founders, who used to install solar panels. According to Maxime: “The implementation of a residential solar project requires hundreds of hours of work and significant effort during the selling, marketing and installation phases. Sofdesk not only allows companies operating in this sector to automate their quotes, project management and design, but also to find new clients and financing.”

Building companies is an integral part of Maxime’s DNA. At the tender age of eleven, he opened a lawn care company, which he continued to run until he entered ÉTS. “A friend and I cut lawns. At the time, we built a trailer that we attached to the back of our bikes in order to transport our supplies and equipment. Over the years, we got more and more requests, to the point where we had to hire four employees to help us,” he recalls.

During his university studies, he worked as a Consultant, designing a number of web applications. Today, these applications are maintained by one of his employees. He also created a platform called Meet R&D, a sort of LinkedIn for university researchers. Although this platform did not achieve the expected level of success, the experience taught him a great deal. “I worked with Centech to start up this project, and I learned a lot about starting companies and about financing. This knowledge has been very helpful,” he points out.

What advice would he give to future entrepreneurs? “Jump right in, get started as soon as you have an idea, and above all, don’t be afraid to fail,” he concludes.

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