2016 BOD Awards of Excellence

Honouring six ÉTS instructors and researchers

May 4, 2017
During the 2016 Recognition Gala, the ÉTS Board of Directors presented its Awards of Excellence to honour the exceptional work done by six members of its faculty.

Award of Excellence – Service to the Community

Ghyslain Gagnon, a Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, garnered the 2016 Award of Excellence for Service to the Community. Over the years, his role as a member of numerous committees has led to a number of collaborative actions and projects that are very promising for ÉTS. Some examples include the installation of the Circuit de Bachelard and his involvement with the Bureau de recrutement professoral (faculty recruitment office).

Award of Excellence – Lecturer

This year’s Award of Excellence for a Lecturer goes to Xavier Daxhelet from the General Education Department. This enthusiastic and dynamic educator has taught close to 75 physics courses over the last 25 years, from wave physics to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, without ever failing to grab the attention of his students! Using examples from everyday life to help students grasp the concepts of physics, Mr. Daxhelet is an exceptional educator who is very passionate about his field!

Award of Excellence – Professor

The Selection Committee commends the appreciation and recognition that this year’s winner of the Award of Excellence for a Professor has for the exceptional quality of education and teaching. The honouree, Sylvie Gervais from the General Education Department, ingeniously incorporates a wide range of teaching methods, using everything from technology to techniques that focus on the individualized learning needs of her students.

Award of Excellence – Education

As an educator who is committed to innovation, Sylvie Doré is a great example of a professor who relies on applied and consistent work. Her commitment to constantly renewing her material leads her to diversify her methods and improve her teaching materials with a view to stimulating learning. This year’s winner of the Award of Excellence in Education loves to innovate in her teaching style, much to the delight of her students.

Award of Excellence – Emerging Researcher

Jérémie Voix, the winner of the Award of Excellence for an Emerging Researcher, is passionate about his work and extremely active, as he juggles the dissemination of scientific knowledge, teaching his students, industrial contracts and the responsibilities of a research chair. A Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department, he has been an audio and acoustics enthusiast since childhood, and has translated his passion into nearly 10 years of innovative research right here, at ÉTS!

Award of Excellence – Research

Professor Yvan Petit, recipient of the Award of Excellence in Research, is a prolific researcher whose activities focus mainly on improving knowledge related to traumas and developing innovative tools and methods for improving our ability to prevent and treat them. He works closely with a number of researchers and organizations at the national and international level, which is an undeniable asset for ÉTS in terms of its outreach.

The Recognition Gala was also the ideal occasion for presenting a variety of honours and awards to professors and researchers at ÉTS, and for acknowledging companies that are closely associated with some of its research activities.

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