Convocation ceremony

More than 1,140 diplomas awarded by ÉTS for degree programs in 2014

November 10, 2014
Hervé Pomerleau (centre) receives a Doctorate Honoris Causa from ÉTS. He is accompanied by Sylvie Beauchamp, President of Université du Québec, and Pierre Dumouchel, Director General of ÉTS.
ÉTS awarded a total of 1,141 diplomas for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in 2014 (800 for Bachelor’s programs, 300 for Master’s programs and 41 for Doctoral programs).

Pierre Dumouchel, Director General of ÉTS, had this to say during the convocation ceremony, which was held at Place des Arts on November 2: “We have come a long way since ÉTS first opened its doors. In 1794, the school welcomed 28 students and offered two Bachelor’s programs. Today, we train 25% of all engineers in the province.”

During the ceremony for Bachelor students, ÉTS awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa to Hervé Pomerleau, founder of Pomerleau Inc., a construction company that is well known and well respected in Québec and around the world. In addition, graduating students who excelled in terms of the quality of their work during their studies were honoured in the presence of hundreds of graduates, parents and friends.

Two Governor General’s Medals were presented during the ceremony (one Gold and one Silver), along with eleven Awards for Excellence in the amounts of $1,500, $2,000 and $3,000, depending on the level of the studies. These Awards were presented to the graduates who submitted the best end-of-studies project in each department, the best Master’s thesis and the best Doctoral dissertation (see the list below).

Mr. Dumouchel concluded: “Our graduates now have all of the resources necessary to make their mark. Thanks to the relationships that they have built with industry, either during their work-terms or research projects, they are capable of resolving real problems affecting real companies.”

List of Award winners

Governor General’s Medals

These honorary medals are awarded to the students who post the highest average for their level of study. The Gold medal is awarded to a Master’s or Ph.D. student, and the Silver medal is awarded to a Bachelor student.

  • Gold medal: Pierre-Luc Paradis, Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering.
  • Silver medal: Mathieu Rancourt, Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering.

Awards for Excellence presented by the Board of Governors

The Awards for Excellence presented by the Board of Governors are bestowed upon the students who submitted the best Doctoral dissertation, the best Master’s thesis and the best end-of-studies project in each Bachelor’s program. Eleven prizes were awarded, along with the corresponding scholarships, the amounts of which vary depending on the level of studies: $3,000 (Doctoral programs), $2,000 (Master’s programs) and $1,500 (Bachelor’s programs).

Best Doctoral dissertation: Luc Cloutier, for his dissertation entitled “Étude biomécanique de la réduction trochantérienne” (biomechanical study of the reduction of trochanter fractures), Thesis Co-Directors: Professor Yvan Petit, Mechanical engineering department and George Yves Laflamme.

Best Master’s thesis (1st prize): Vincent Nadon, for his thesis entitled “Développement d’une oreillette pour la mesure des émissions otoacoustiques” (development of a headset to measure otoacoustic emissions), Thesis Director: Professor Jérémie Voix, Mechanical engineering department.

Best Master’s thesis (2nd prize): Guillaume Antunez, for his thesis entitled “Vulnérabilité sismique hors-plan des murs de maçonnerie en pierre non armée” (Out-of-plane seismic vulnerability of non-reinforced stone masonry walls), Thesis Director: Professor Marie-José Nollet, Construction engineering department.

Best end-of-studies projects:

Construction engineering: Team comprising Émilie Benoît, Jonathan Boutin-Dorion, Marie-Claude Dubois, Nicolas Gravel and Marie-Christine Larin – End-of-studies project report entitled: “Conception et construction d’un tronçon de la route Niono-Goma Coura au Mali” (design and construction of a segment of the Niono-Goma Coura Road in Mali), Project Directors: Professors Gabriel J. Assaf, François Brissette, Yannic A. Éthier, Adel Francis and Michèle St-Jacques. These graduates also received the award for the best end-of-studies project among all of the winning projects.

Automated manufacturing engineering: Team comprising Vincent Bélanger and Jonathan Bélanger – Report entitled “Techniques de modélisation et simulation de l’avion d’affaires Cessna” (modeling and simulation techniques for the Cessna business aircraft), Project Director: Ruxandra Botez.

Operations and logistics engineering: Katherine Fortin – Report entitled “Optimiser the système d’approvisionnement” (optimizing the procurement system), Project Director: Professor Tony Wong.

Information technology engineering: Charles Chalifoux – Report entitled “Synchronisation tablette/cellulaire” (Synchronizing tablets/cell phones), Project Director: Professor Stéphane Coulombe.

Electrical engineering: Sébastien Rompré – Report entitled “Conception d’un dispositif de contrôle d’éclairage pour salle d’opération activé par les mouvements de la tête” (design of a lighting control device for the operating room activated by head movements), Project Director: Professor Ghyslain Gagnon.

Software engineering: Jean-Philippe Martin – Report entitled “Application mobile du domaine de la nutrition” (mobile app in the nutrition field), Project Director: Professor Luc Duong.

Mechanical engineering: Team comprising Maxime Beaupré, André Gadoury Jr., Scott Lemoyre, Philipe Paquette-Bellemare and Pier-Luc Paradis – Report entitled “Conception d’un fuselage en matériaux composites” (Design of a fuselage using composite materials), Project Directors: Professors Martine Dubé and Patrick Terriault.

Building a Sustainable World through Engineering Award: Adama Diop Zongo, graduate of the Software engineering and Information technology departments – Project entitled “Système d’aide et d’information au recyclage d’objets au niveau des bornes de recyclage” (assistance and information system for the recycling of objects at recycling stations), Project Director: Professor Christopher Fuhrman.
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