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Laboratory research training

ÉTS provides training opportunities supervised by its own professors at its 60 research chairs and units.

Our research training programs, which range from 4 months to a year, allow you to acquire unique experience by focusing on specific issues in your field of study.

Step 1: Make sure your establishment is an ÉTS partner

To be eligible for a training program at ÉTS, you have to be a student at a partner establishment. Bilateral agreements with our partner establishments allow us to accommodate trainees.

If your teaching establishment is not on the list of partners, you are not eligible for research training at ÉTS.

List of partnering establishments (in French)

Students registered in establishments partnering with Bureau de la coopération interuniversitaire (BCI, formerly CRÉPUQ) are not eligible for laboratory research training opportunities.

Step 2: Check your eligibility

To be eligible for laboratory research training, you must:

  • Be a student in an engineering program and have successfully completed the first or second year of study toward your engineering degree (end of first or second year training or end-of-study training)
  • Be registered in a graduate program and have successfully completed your first year of study (end of first year training or end-of-study training)
  • Be sufficiently proficient in French or English
  • Have sufficient financial resources for the duration of the training program (air fare, lodging, living expenses, and insurance, as applicable)

Step 3: Find a research director and subject

You must find a professor at ÉTS who is willing to act as your research director and supervise your training. You must contact ÉTS professors directly to submit your candidacy.

For assistance, see the Research Director and subject section, where you can find a list of professors who work in your area of expertise. Get in touch with them to discuss your aspirations and objectives.

Once you have been accepted into a training program, the supervising professor contacts the student recruitment and international coordination office (BRÉCI) to confirm his or her decision to take you on in his or her laboratory.

Step 4: Ask for a letter of acceptance

The professor provides BRÉCI with the required information to open your ÉTS admission file (attached to a form that the professor completes).

You must provide the professor with the following:

Required documents Specific information
Personal information Last name
First name
Permanent address
E-mail address
Phone number
Citizenship (nationality)

Proof of full-time enrolment at your teaching establishment (current year) Enclose a photocopy of your student card or other official enrolment document 
Reasons for pursuing laboratory research training at ÉTS Enclose a letter explaining your reasons 
Name and contact information at your teaching establishment Graduate studies transcript (L3, M and M2 levels)

Once the professor has submitted this information to BRÉCI, your application and eligibility are evaluated (please allow two weeks for this process). A letter containing the decision regarding your application is e-mailed to you by the registrar’s office.

Please note that only the aforementioned letter issued by the registrar’s office at ÉTS can be used to obtain official documents prior to your arrival in Canada. No other document, including written or verbal confirmation from the supervising professor, is accepted as an official acceptance.

Step 5: Prepare your stay in Canada

Verify the documents that are required to complete an internship in Canada on the Immigration and Citizenship Canada website and on the International Experience Canada website maintained by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.

Please refer to the Frequently asked questions section of the Canadian government website for information on work permits.