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This program is intended for Mexican citizens who are doctoral candidates in engineering, and who want to pursue doctoral studies at ÉTS. These studies lead to a Ph.D.

Program description

CONACYT and ÉTS have established a joint funding program (CONACETS) to enable Mexican students who are doctoral candidates in engineering to continue their doctoral studies at ÉTS to earn a Ph.D. This program helps to cover the cost of school fees and the payment of two set amounts for living expenses and health insurance. Disbursement for living expenses is allocated on a monthly basis.

Additional financial support

Additional financial support may be available to enrolled students who, under the supervision of a professor and thesis director, act as laboratory supervisors or teaching assistants.

Career prospects

If this program is completed within the allotted timeframe, the student will obtain a doctoral degree that meets the highest Canadian standards in terms of higher education.

Thanks to their theoretical and practical training in engineering, ÉTS doctoral graduates have access to very advanced level positions in industrial research, with high-tech companies, or in the area of teaching applied sciences.

Many foreign students who hold a doctoral engineering degree from ÉTS obtain supervisory positions with government agencies, research laboratories and private firms devoted to scientific research and experimental development in their own countries.

An increasing number of these graduates elect to continue their university or scientific career in Canada or elsewhere around the world.

A doctoral engineering diploma from ÉTS is a passport into the world of technology.

Language skills

Research work, the drafting of class reports, exams and thesis can be done in French or in English. Candidates who are eligible for the CONACYT bursary program must demonstrate adequate language skills in French or English, as per the ÉTS’ language policy and the criteria established by CONACYT.

Admission requirements

Candidates seeking to continue their doctoral studies at ÉTS must follow the admission process outlined below.

Candidates must satisfy the CONACYT bursary grant requirements and the ÉTS’ admission requirements for the doctoral program.

Steps in the admission process

1. Become familiar with the program description for the Ph.D. in Engineering at ÉTS.

2. Learn about the research units at ÉTS and the expertise of its professors. If you find a professor who can become your thesis director, you can contact them.

If you do not know which professor to contact or are not certain that the subject of your research is covered by one of ÉTS’ professors, you may write to Eugénie Bergeron-Côté.

3. Complete the Application for Admission and forward it to the Registrar’s Office.


  • On your admission application, please indicate that you are requesting the CONACYT bursary.

  • You must forward your bursary request to CONACYT once you receive official confirmation of your admission to the Ph.D. program at ÉTS (the admission letter is required to apply for the bursary).

4. The doctoral studies committee at ÉTS will evaluate the applications from Mexico that are elibible for a CONACYT bursary.

5. Once the committee accepts your application, the Registrar’s Office will send you a letter of admission.

6. An information kit on the welcome process, residences, administrative services and health insurance will accompany this letter.

7. Once you have received the letter confirming your acceptance in the CONACYT bursary program and the ÉTS letter of admission, you must obtain the necessary authorizations to enter and stay during your studies from the governments of Canada and Québec.

8. Following this, you must contact your future thesis director to arrange the registration procedures for ÉTS upon arrival:
  • course selection;
  • final choice of research subject;
  • other questions regarding university path.

9. Once you arrive in Montréal, you must contact the Registrar’s Office. You will then meet with your thesis director who will walk you through the administrative process for enrolment at the beginning of the semester.

The Dean of Studies will organize individual and group meetings at the beginning of the semester in order to explain:
  • the steps in your school program;
  • the administrative rules and regulations;
  • the factors to success in your program.

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