The Canada Research Chair in Engineering Innovations in Spinal Trauma at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is designed to reduce the risk and severity of spinal cord injuries caused by accidents and find ways to prevent aggravating such injuries during treatment.

With his collaborators, Professor Yvan Petit is working to enhance our understanding of the ways in which vertebral fractures and spinal cord injuries occur in accidents. This knowledge can then be used to design protective devices that stabilize the spine and guard against serious injuries.

This research will result in innovative tools and methods. New devices designed to promote protection and stabilization will be developed and tested to reduce the risk and severity of vertebral and spinal cord injuries. Tools and methods to foster spinal cord safety and health will improve acute care for people with traumatic spinal cord injuries. New developments will also result in more efficient active and passive protection devices designed for situations involving high risk of major injury.

CRC in Spinal Trauma - Folder (PDF)

Video describing the chair: