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Numérix Laboratory is a research unit specialized in organization engineering, and focused on three overarching research initiatives:

  • Sustainable Supply and Value Chain Engineering
  • The Integrated Numeric Enterprise
  • Enterprise Engineering for Innovation

Based on a systems (integration) approach, Numérix Laboratory performs research and development pertaining to methodologies, models, skills and tools allowing the optimization of the configuration and integrated management of organization activities. Improving performance requires the coordination of people, their tools and their organization. The focus is on manufacturing and service organizations, assuming a digital business context.

Researchers in Numérix Laboratory work to resolve applied problems sent in by industrial partners operating in practically all fields (manufacturing, aeronautics, hospital, banking, etc.), while developing both innovative and technological solutions. Research projects related to NSERC's Discovery Grants program, or to those of other grants agencies providing funding to professors who are members, are also undertaken in the laboratory.

At Numérix Laboratory, students, both undergraduates and graduates, and post-doctoral researchers will be able to apply their know-how to projects tackling core industrial issues.