Recent Seminars

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Seminars in 2020 :

Mar 11, 2020, Room: A-1302, time: 14:00
Invited Talk:
Prof. Leszek Szczecinski, INRS-EMT
Topic: Will Canadiens qualify to playoffs? Modelling and estimation in sport analytics.
Feb 20, 2020, Room: A-3600, time: 12:00
Invited Talk:
Amran Bhuiyan
Topic: Pose Guided Gated Fusion for Person Re-identification
Feb 12, 2020, Room: A-3600, time: 14:00
Invited Talk:
Prof Tiago H. Falk, Associate Professor INRS-EMT & Director MuSAE Lab
Topic: Domain-enriched machine intelligence: A summary of the research conducted at the INRS MuSAE Lab