Research projects

High performance machining of light alloy aeronautic parts.
Integrated product process change management.
Multidisciplinary optimization standardization approach for integration and configurability.
Dust-free composite machining.
Geometric inspection and tolerancing of flexible parts.
Formal representation of multi-axis machining processes for the generation of machining characteristics.
Technological derivation link for capturing and exploiting product-process constraints.
Manufacture of axisymmetric parts with complex high-resistance steel profiles.
Development of an infringement detector for CAD Models.
Improvement of plantar prosthesis manufacturing processes.
Prediction of the effect of high-speed machining residual constraints.
Optimization of geometric variation management processes applied to mechanically-welded metallic structures.
Analysis of production line measurement systems for LPM batteries.
Residual reliability of hydraulic turbines.
Characterization of copper alloys.