Patents obtained

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Patents pending

Method and System for Knee Joint Evaluation and Diagnostic Aid in Normal and Pathologic State / Mezghani N, de Guise JA, Grimard G, Baillargeon D, Ouakrim O, Parent G, Fuentez A, Lavigne P, Ranger P. / United States: Filed in May 2010
Method for Obtaining Geometric Properties of an Anatomic Part / Gargouri I, de Guise JA. / United States: Published in Feb. 2009.
Harness System for Kinematic Analysis of the Knee / Hagemeister N, Labbé D, de Guise JA, Aissaoui R. / Canada: June 2007, United States: Nov. 2007. International: Published in Aug. 2010.
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Method for Producing Model of Fibrous Structure of Fibrous Tissue / Meghoufel A, Cloutier G, Crevier-Denoix N. and J.A. de Guise / United States: Published in May  2008 .
Method for Segmentation of Digital Images / Chav R, Troeung O, de Guise JA, Soulez G. / United States: June 2008. Canada: Application No.: CA2613036.
Method for Tracking 3D Anatomical and Pathological Changes in Tubular-Shaped Anatomical Structures / Kauffmann C, Soulez G, de Guise JA. / International: Published in Nov. 2008 Europe: Published in Jan. 2010.
Procédé de reconstruction de modèle tridimensionnel de structure corporelle (A Method for Reconstructing a 3D Body Structure Model)/ Skalli W, Humbert L, Mitton D, Dubousset J, de Guise JA, Godbout B, PARENT S. / International: Published in Dec. 2008, Europe: Published in Feb. 2010.
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