The musculo-skeletal system

PROJECT: Designing a 3D segmentation and modeling method of liver structures based on CT Images (J. de Guise, GPA)

    • 3D segmentation and modeling of the hepatic envelop and vascular branches
    • Delimitation of hepatic segments based on vascular supply and drainage areas
    • Evaluating transplant or oncology resection parameters
    • Inter and intra observer validation

PROJECT: 3D segmentation and reconstruction of abdominal aortic aneurysms using computerised axial tomography (J. de Guise, GPA, C. Kauffmann, LCTI (CRCHUM), Gilles Soulez MD (CHUM))

    • Designing an a priori aneurysm model within the volume data
    • Lumen treatment and extraction
    • Transforming volume data
    • Surface treatment and extraction of the thrombus
    • Calcification extraction and treatment
    • 3D reconstruction of aneurysms
    • Calculating clinical parameters (maximum diameter, aneurysm volume, position of renal and iliac bifurcations, etc)
    • Pre/post surgical monitoring
    • Intra/inter observer validation

PROJECT: Designing 3D imaging and modeling methods of osteoarticular system structures based on biplane images (J. de Guise, GPA)

    • Stereographic image processing for the 3D segmentation/reconstruction of osteoarticular structures (spine, pelvis, hip, knee, shoulder)
    • Defining 2D/3D clinical indices to facilitate diagnosis and treatment
    • Inter and intra observer validation

PROJECT: A 3D morphofunctional study of the osteoarticular system based on several biplane images (J. de Guise, GPA and N. Hagemeister, GPA)

    • Pseudo-kinematics of the lower limb and the shoulder
    • Acquisition protocol for multiple radiography at various positions
    • Identification of anatomical landmarks
    • 3D reconstruction of structures
    • Identification of bone kinematics

Decision support system
Diagnostic assistance

PROJECT: Designing a decision support system for knee pathology diagnosis (J. de Guise, GPA and N. Mezghani, GPA)

    • Creating databases on healthy and pathological knee biomechanics
    • Classification of data using neural network methods, support vector machines
    • Classifier validation
Surgical and therapeutic assistance

PROJECT: Designing a knee surgery decision support system (J. de Guise, GPA and N. Hagemeister, GPA)

    • Merging biomechanics with 3D imaging through EOS™ and MRI
    • Calculating femorotibial contact areas
    • Preoperative evaluation of the effect of an implant

Function of the lower limb
Functional assessment of the knee

PROJECT: Analysis of the 3D knee biomechanics before and after ligament surgery (N. Hagemeister GPA, J. de Guise GPA, R. Aissaoui GPA)

    • Recruitment of participants
    • Developing a method for measuring the 3D movement of the knee
    • Measurement of healthy and pathological participants
    • Statistical analysis of results
Study of the pivot shift phenomenon

PROJECT: A fluoroscopic validation of a tool for measuring the pivot shift phenomenon in the knee joint (N. Hagemeister GPA, J. de Guise GPA, R. Aissaoui GPA)

    • Fluoroscopic image acquisition
    • Adaptation of image analysis tools
    • Calculation of the relative movement between the tool and underlying bones
    • Calculation of tool precision

PROJECT: Classification of gait patterns in healthy subjects (J. de Guise GPA, N. Hagemeister GPA, N. Mezghani GPA)

    • Acquisition of biomechanical data base
    • Wavelet transformation
    • Data classification

Function of the shoulder
Functional assessment of the shoulder

PROJECT: Developing radiological indices typical of a painful shoulder (N. Hagemeister GPA, J. de Guise GPA)

    • Acquisition of pseudo-kinematics images through EOS™
    • Semi-automatic image processing
    • Identification of anatomical marks
    • Inference of invisible marks using statistical models
    • Calculation of the displacement from the center of the humeral head relative to the glenoid
    • Correlation with function level
Prosthesis model

PROJECT: Designing a new shoulder prosthesis in cases of a massive rotator cuff rupture (N. Hagemeister GPA, N. Nuño GPA)

    • Shoulder modeling using Anybody
    • Design of a new shoulder prosthesis
    • Simulation of an arm-lifting movement with both the healthy and injured models
    • Comparison with the simulation, the model and shoulder prosthesis

PROJECT: Calculating the lifting/lowering ratio of the deltoid muscle using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (N. Hagemeister GPA)

    • Muscle segmentation with MRI
    • Calculation of 3D reaction forces
    • Calculation of the lifting/lowering ratio

Wheelchair propulsion
Wheelchair propulsion

PROJECT: Developing a propulsion-based haptic simulator for manual wheelchair users (R. Aissaoui, GPA)

    • Development of a simulation device with haptic display
    • Development of an ergometer with power rollers
    • Development of a kinematic and kinetic model
    • Collection of data on volunteers

Advanced biomaterials
Advanced biomaterials

PROJECT: Designing a new occlusive agent for treating vascular diseases (S. Lerouge, MEC)

    • Identification of clinical needs, hypotheses and specifications
    • Designing an embolic radiopaque agent that gels quickly at body temperature
    • Mechanical (rheometry, DMA), physico-chemical and morphological (scanning electron microscope) characterization
    • Bioassays (in vitro and animal models)

PROJECT: Designing a 3D imaging and modeling method for an endovascular treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms (S. Lerouge, MEC)

    • Digital image processing for 3D automatic segmentation of aneurysmal vascular structures (lumen, thrombus, main arteries)
    • 3D reconstruction for geometric modeling of aneurysmal structures
    • Multi-modality display (CT angiography, monoplane and biplane fluoroscopy)
    • Mechanical modeling of natural and catheter treatment-caused deformations
    • Computer assisted navigation of endovascular treatments
    • In vitro and in vivo validation

Hip and shoulder prostheses

PROJECT: Design and biomechanical analysis of a hip resurfacing prosthesis made from biomechanical composite (N. Nuño, GPA)

    • Design of a resurfacing prosthesis
    • Finite element analysis modeling
    • Analysis of the constraints of the new prosthesis

PROJECT: Designing a greater trochanter fixation prosthesis (Y. Petit, MEC)

    • Computer assisted design
    • Finite element analyses
    • Prototyping
    • Biomechanical studies
Surgical instruments

PROJECT: Designing an acetabular reamer (Y. Petit, MEC)

    • Computer assisted design
    • Finite element analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Biomechanical studies
Medical robots

PROJECT: Developing and validating an ultrasound robot controller for the 3D characterisation of peripheral arterial occlusive disease of the lower limbs (I. Bonev, GPA, P. Bigras, GPA)

    • Design and implementation of the force/position control unit
    • Design and development of the 3D reconstruction algorithm
    • Prototype validation using healthy volunteers

PROJECT: Designing, developing and validating a robot with cables for biomechanically testing the spine (I. Bonev GPA, P. Bigras GPA)

    • Designing and validating parallel manipulator geometry
    • Designing control algorithms for controlling manipulator position and force
    • Validating the prototype using spinal segment specimens

PROJECT: Controlling a seven-degrees-of-freedom manipulator robot using electromyographic signals from the upper body muscles in spinal cord-injured patients (R. Aissaoui, GPA)

    • Developing control strategies using electromyographic signals
    • Integration of these strategies into the JACO robotic arm