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Engineering for health …

The LIO and its cutting-edge expertise
Health technologies today involve expertise that cuts across various disciplines. Those of LIO include:

  • Morpho-functional assessment
  • Regulatory requirements and quality management systems
  • Materials characterisation
  • Medical imaging and numerical methods
  • Geometric and biomechanical modeling
  • Robotics
  • Simulation and virtual reality

Engineering and health technologies
LIO engineers who develop and test health technologies must know current clinical problems and diagnostic and surgical techniques.

To ensure the quality of procedures, it is also essential that medical and physical activity experts stay current and share research in areas such as:

  • Medical product evaluation
  • Digital imaging
  • Principles of design
  • Materials science
  • Computer science and telecommunications

LIO, a multidisciplinary and international laboratory
Our close ties with several university centres and national and international industrial milieus ensure the development of new methods.

  Did you know…

Research projects results from our Labs such as EOS™ (X-ray unit) and KneeKG™ (knee evaluation system) are currently being used worldwide!
At Sainte-Justine Hospital, several children suffering from scoliosis benefit from the EOSTM system that produces low-dose biplane X-ray images allowing the 3D reconstruction of their spine.
Alexandre Bilodeau, a gold medalist in free-style skiing at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, benefited from KneeKG™, undergoing for the first time in his life a 3D and knee function movement evaluation!