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October 2012: Images of Student Clement D'Artigues into reportage "Montréal, troisième ville aéronautique du monde" by AFP. Video Only.
Journaliste:Laurent Vu The.

September 2012: 2nd GARDN Annual Conference
The 2nd GARDN Annual Conference gathered more than 200 participants on one of the best geotourist sites in the world on September 25 & 26, 2012. The participants working for industries, institutions or for the Government had the opportunity to discuss and exchange with an impressive line-up of world-renowned experts and understand what is on the horizon in the area of green aviation. Among the highly inspiring presentations by international experts, let's mention the conclusion regarding the aircrafts recyclability presented by Hélène Gagnon from Bombardier Aerospace.


September 2012: Members of NATO AVT-161 Task Group win Scientific Achievement Award.

On behalf of the AVT-161 Task Group, the Co-Chairs Prof. Russell M. Cummings (USA) and Mr. Andreas Schütte (DEU) accepted the RTO Scientific Achievement Award from MGen. Albert Husniaux the Chief Scientist and Head of the Board of the new established NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) during the S&T Board Meeting in Norfolk, VA, USA. AVT-161 received the Award for their remarkable contribution in the field of the experimental and computational assessment of stability and control prediction methods for NATO Air and Sea Vehicles.

Ruxandra Botez is a Technical Team Member of NATO AVT-161 Task Group.

Information :

August 2012: Participation in the Conference: AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Modeling and Simulation Technologies.

Luis Fajardo and Jean-Baptiste Vincent

August 2012: Training Hydra Technologies

Flight Area
Ruxandra Botez and Oscar Carranza in Training
Alejandro, Ruxandra, Tony and Luis

June 2012: Reception Hydra Technologies S4-18
UAV Hydra Technologies S4 inside A.3572 GPA-LARCASE
Hight Performance Reserach UAV Hydra Technologies S4

May 2012: Prix CRIAQ. 3th rang du concours d'affiches et de prototypes des projets CRIAQ complétés

Clément Fortin, CRIAQ president, Ruxandra Botez, Philippe Molaret from Thales Canada and Robin Drew, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science Concordia University and CRIAQ executive
Concours d'affiches sur les projets du CRIAQ : présentation de 54 affiches sur les projets de recherche en cours ou complétés. François Caza, Vice President et Chief Engineer, Bombardier Aéronautique

April 2012: Distinction for Robin Calestreme for Reseach Project Master.

Robin Calestreme

March 2012:Larcase team participation in students' competitions, mainly at the FEA (Aerospace Students Forum)

Les étudiants de l'ÉTS se démarquent au FEA 2012
FEA 2012 2nd award offered to the LARCASE graduate students team François Michaud et Robin Calestreme
Alejandro Murrieta Mendoza and Ruxandra Botez
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March 2011: Graduate students competition at ETS
Presentation of the PhD student Dumitru Popescu

February 2011: Canada Research Chair Celebration at ETS

January 2011: Baptizing Sarah - First child at LARCASE
Sarah Jade is the daughter of the PhD student Nicoleta Anton. She is 4 months old in the picture taken at the Buna Vestire Church in Montreal.

Junuary 2011: Scholarships offered by CMC Electronics - Esterline and CAE Inc. to the LARCASE students

Mr Bogdan Dancila, Master student at LARCASE obtained the CMC Electronics - Esterline scholarship and Mr Olivier Pollender - Moreau, Master student at LARCASE obtained the CAE Inc. scholarship. The photos following of the ceremony are here shown.

January 2011: Scholarships offered by GARDN to the LARCASE students

The business-led excellence network GARDN and CMC Electronics - Esterline have offered a sholarship to the Master student Radu Ioan Dancila at the GARDN conference and at the Aeronautics Day on 23rd of February. Please see the next photos Mr Sylvain Cofsky (GARDN), Mr Rex Hygate (CMC Electronics - Esterline), Mr Radu Dancila et Dr Ruxandra Botez.

Activities_set 3
June 2010: Visit at the Farnborough International Airshow in England

In the Summer of 2010, Dr Botez and Mr Oscar Carranza were invited by Hydra Technologies at the Farnborough International Airshow in England. Please see the photos taken with Hydra team and with MMr Patrick Champagne from CMC Electronics - Esterline.

Eduardo Yakin, Oscar Carranza, Ruxandra Botez and Álvaro Gutiérrez Hrydra Technologies
Patrick Champagne CMC Electronics
Activities_set 4
2009 : Larcase team participation in students' competitions, mainly at the FEA (Aerospace Students Forum)
FEA First award offered to the LARCASE graduate students team at the FEA 2009
Activities_set 5
2008 : Larcase team participation in students' competitions, mainly at the FEA (Aerospace Students Forum)
AHS award offered to the LARCASE team at the FEA 2008
Activities_set 6
2007 : Larcase team participation in students' competitions, mainly at the FEA (Aerospace Students Forum)
LARCASE team students participated at the FEA 2006 and 2007 student’s competitions and they won already at these competitions. At the FEA 2006, Miss Sandrine De Jesus Mota won the AHS (American Helicopter Society) Award. At the FEA 2007, Mr Patrick Dionne and Mr Adil Marzouki won the AHS (American Helicopter Society) Award 2007. Mr Laurentiu Birla, Mr Michel Labib, Mr Julien Fays and Mr Andrei Popov won the FEA Award for Graduate Students in 2007. Please see next photos which were taken at the FEA 2007 students competitions.

2007: Participation of Larcase team at conferences. CASI (Canadian Aeronautical Society Institute) Toronto

Another set of activities concerns the participations and presentations of Larcase students at conferences in Montreal and outside Montreal. Next 3 pictures show their participation at the CASI (Canadian Aeronautical Society Institute) conference in Toronto, at CASI lunch in 2007.

Activities_set 7

2006: Larcase team parties with the occasions of students graduations

Next 3 photos show partys given at ETS with the occasion of students graduations in August 2006. We also celebrate the students' graduations at restaurants.

2006: Participation at the YWCA Women of Merit Events

In 2006, Dr Botez was elected finalist in the YWCA Women of Merit event in the Education category. Each year, Larcase students (mainly women) are invited at this event. Photos of this event in 2006 are shown below.

2006: Participation at cocktails of LARCASE team organized by ETS and CRIAQ in the beginning and in the end of CRIAQ projects

In the beginning and in the end of CRIAQ projects, we organize cocktails at which companies and universities CRIAQ members are invited and where a presentation of the project is given.

Photos taken at the CRIAQ 7.1 project cocktail in 2006

2006: Master student Michel Labib acting in Poly-Theatre plays

LARCASE team went to theatre shows organized by Poly-Theatre, to see the performances of LARCASE Master Student Michel Labib in different roles. Next photos were taken during these theatre shows. The first 4 photos were taken during the theatre show: Le petit cirque de barbarie and the last 2 photos were taken during the theatre show: Le tapis rouge.

Photo taken in Paris after the graduation of Mr Michel Labib in 2009
Activities_set 8

2004: Presentations of LARCASE team and activities to various companies and universities

  • American Helicopter Society AHS
  • Association Québécoise Aéronautique AQA
  • Bell Helicopter Textron
  • Bombardier Aéronautique
  • Canadian Aeronautical Society Institute CASI
  • CAE Inc.
  • Fondation Bombardier
  • FOI, Suède
  • Marivent
  • NASA DFRC, Edwards, CA, USA
  • CNRC
  • ONERA, France
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Rolls Royce
  • Rzeszow University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and  Aeronautics, Pologne
  • Thales Aérospatiale
  • University of Florida, EU’s.

Conferences given by researchers from various countries at LARCASE

We received, since 2004, visitors from various countries as well as from Canada to whom we presented our activities. These 5 visitors also presented their works to us, and were funded through CRIAQ programs to present their works and to analyse future possible collaborations in the Canadian projects. The names of visitors and their work places are below mentioned :

  • M. Marty Brenner etM. Sunil Kukreja, NASA Dryden Research Laboratories,USA, 2004  
  • M. Cedric Liauzun, ONERA, France, 2006.
  • M. Jonathan Smith, FOI, Sweden, 2006.
  • M. Lou Cattafesta, Florida University,USA, 2007.
  • M. Arthur Rizzi, KTH, Sweden, 2008.
  • M. Stanley Cole, NASA Langley Research Center, USA, 2008.

Presentations at ETS given by Mr Marty Brenner and Mr Sunil Kukreja in 2004