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The Research Laboratory in Active Controls, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity (LARCASE) is multidisciplinary and active in the multidisciplinary fields of aeroservoelasticity (aerodynamics and CFD, aeroelasticity and aircraft controls) related to the modelling and simulation of aircraft (airplanes and helicopters). These aircraft models validation is realized by use of experimental data collected on the ground (in wind tunnels) or in flight delivered by the aeronautical companies working in collaboration with Larcase.

At LARCASE, PhD, master and internship students have the possibility to apply their knowledge to projects realized in collaboration with aeronautical companies.


The LARCASE activities are mainly located in the controls, avionics and aeroservoelasticity disciplines in the aeronautical field, mainly in the modeling and simulation of aircraft and in their models validation using the real data obtained during flight or in wind tunnels.

The projects at LARCASE were and are realized and funded in the aeronautical field in collaboration with the aeronautical companies in Montreal: Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter Textron, CAE Inc., CMC - Esterline and Thales Avionics. Internationally, 2 projects were realized with NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and the US Navy in the Unites States, while the third project will be realized in collaboration with the research institutes in other countries: DLR, Nasa Langley Research Center, ONERA, FOI, KTH.  A part of these projects were and are realized in collaboration with the IAR-NRC laboratories.

Since the foundation of LARCASE in 2003, a high number of students graduated and work now in the aeronautical companies. The main objective of LARCASE is the graduation of bachelor, master and PhD students and their hiring in the aeronautical companies at the end of their studies.