CMVA conference

The Canadian Machinery Vibration Association

CMVA  / ACVM is a non-profit association whose areas of interest include machine dynamics and all facets of machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, especially vibration monitoring and analysis.

A significant event for DYNAMO, the CMVA seminar has been attended by professors and students over the last ten years or so, who have published accompanying articles for the event. In 2010, three of our students received awards for their work.

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2014 Seminar

The annual CMVA Seminar is organized to provide a forum for technology interchange and discussions among practitioners in the field of machinery vibration analysis, condition monitoring, balancing and associated technologies. An important aim of the seminar is to encourage the exchange of ideas and experience between end users, suppliers, academics/researchers and those performing 'hands on' work in the field.

The 2014 seminar was held at the École de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal, from October 29 to 31, 2014. The theme is "Maintenance, Reliability and Safety"..


Mercredi 29 octobre
8 h à 13 h
8 h à 11 h 30
11 h 30
11 h 30 à 18 h 30
13 h à 17 h
15 h
19 h
Jeudi 30 octobre
7 h 30
7 h 30 à 20 h
8 h 30 à 17 h
10 h
12 h 30
14 h 30
18 h
Vendredi 31 octobre
7 h 30
8 h 30 à 12 h
9 h 30
12 h 30


Installation des exposants
Accueil et inscription des participants
Ouverture du Salon des exposants
Jeudi 30 octobre
Ouverture du Salon des exposants
Vendredi 31 octobre
Fin du séminaire ACVM-CIRI 2014

The papers presented at the conference(2014)

Jelassi S., Romary R., Brudny J. F.and Darcherif.M. "Stator windings short-circuit faut diagnosis in induction machine using vibration and external magnetic field analysis" Abstract

·     Turcot A., Fortier M  "The engineer and the physician: can we understand each other when we talk about machine vibration?" Abstract
François LAFLEUR "Mesures acoustiques sous-marines d’une barrière ultrasonore utilisée pour le guidage des aloses savoureuses devant les installations hydro-électriques" Abstract

Ramana Kappagantu "Using simulation for improved quality & throughput"  Abstract

François léonard et Michel Gauvin  "Une approche statistique globale pour la surveillance d’équipements"Abstract

Melki O., Kedadouche M., Badri B. and Thomas M "Monitoring bearings oprating at very loe speeds" Abstract

John Le Dref , Yann Landon , Gilles Dessein , Christine Espinosa  "Contribution to understanding and modelizing vibration assisted drilling"

Sadok Sassi  and Abdelmonem SASSI "Effect of tire blowout on the stability and kinematics of a vehicle in motion. "

·  Sassi S., Ebrahemi M., Al Mozien M. and El Hadary Y. "Development of non-pneumatic fiber compositeS tires for Hazard Reduction and Road Safety Improvement" Abstract

·     Kedadouche M., Thomas M. and Tahan A."Monitoring gears by using a method combining energy separation, Empirical Mode Decomposition and Minimum Entropy Deconvolution." Abstract

Li W., Vu V. H. , Liu Z. , Thomas M. and Hazel B "
Basis Function Selection Criterion for Modal Monitoring of Non Stationary Systems"  Abstract

Vu V.H., Badri B., Thomas M and Jean P.
"Vibration analysis and monitoring on a pump in operation" Abstract

·        Mostefa K, Souchet D., Zebbar Dj. et   Youcefi A"Modélisation THD d’une butée à patins oscillants." Abstract

·      Ladonne M., Landon Y., Cherif M., K’Nevez J. Y, Cahuc O., de Castelbajac C."A Dynamic Cutting Forces Model of Vibrations Assisted Drilling." Abstract

·       Munera M., Duc S. , Bertucci W. and Chiementin X." Transmission of whole body vibration to lower extremity in dynamic and static conditions (half squat)." Abstract

·    Zebbar Dj. , Houzeaux g., Mostefa Kherris s.   "La mise en évidence de l'oscillation radiale du segment de piston d'un moteur à combustion interne" Abstract

·       Chiementin Xavier, Munera Marcela, Crequy Samuel, Bertucci William  "Model of the risk assessment of whole-BODY vibrations in cycling: case of cobblestone road." Abstract

·        Yannick Baril, "On the use of static and rotating coordinate measurements to understand transient behaviours in hydroelectric turbines." Abstract

·      Moustafa Wael, Cousinard Oliviera,, Bolaers Fabrice, Ait Sghir Khalid, Dron Jean Paul  "Instantaneous Energy and circular statistics applied on ultrasonic signals for very low speed bearing fault diagnosis." Abstract

·    Bouzidane, F Ghezali and M. Thomas  "A Numerical Study of the dynamic characteristics of an Orifice Compensated Three-Pad Hydrostatic Squeeze Film Dampers." Abstract

·    F Ghezali, A. Bouzidane and M. Thomas     "3D Numerical investigation of pressure field of an Orifice Compensated Hydrostatic Bearing." Abstract

·      Crequy Samuel, Bertucci William et  Chiementin Xavier  "Étude expérimentale sur l’évaluation de l’exposition aux vibrations en cyclisme" Abstract

·    Khalid Ait Sghir, Olivier Cousinard, Fabrice Bolaers, Wael Mustapha, Jean-Paul Dron  "Normalized indicators for monitoring a spalling bearing defect in variable speed regime" Abstract

·   Duchemin Jérôme, Guskov Mikhaïl, Lorong Philippe" Prediction of milling-induced vibrations in machining complex parts: numerical and experimental investigation." Abstract

  Fouad Brikci, Pier-Antoine Giguère, Daniela Petrucci, Mathieu Soares, Carl Tardif " The vibro-acoustic method as fast diagnostic tool on load tap changers through the simultaneous analysis of vibration, dynamic resistance and high speed camera recordings."  Abstract

·   Nemchi , A. Bouzidane and M. Thomas" Performance Characteristics of Hydrostatic journal bearings in Both Laminar and Turbulent Regimes." Abstract

·    Floquet J., Désiletsll M., Micheau P. and  Quaegebeur N. " Development of ultrasonic thickness measurements of solidification front inside metallurgical reactors"Abstract

·    Yacine Imaouchen, Rezak Alkama and Marc Thomas "Complexity Based on Synchrosqueezing Analysis in Gear Diagnosis" Abstract

·     Adewusi s, Thomas M and Vu V.H. " Resonances of the human hand-arm system using finite element and operational modal analysis methods " Abstract

·      Chieu Chau  "  Foundation effects on induced draft (id) fan vibrations." Abstract

·         Wesley Albert and Warren Rodgers" Effective Reporting and Communication for improved results" Abstract

·          Ken Squires" How bad is it?  ...Rolling element bearing failure management." Abstract

·         Semma E.M, Mousrij A. et Gziri H. "Élaboration d’une démarche de mise en œuvre de la maintenance conditionnelle basée sur l’Analyse Vibratoire." Abstract

·       Florian Buder " The Art of Measuring Low Frequency Vibration, Innovative methods to record vibration readings below 0.1 Hz" Abstract

·     Asma F., Kacel S. " Correlation between finite element and isogeometric analysis in structural dynamic" Abstract

·   Chiementin Xavier, Provot Thomas " Vibratory risk assessment during operational movement using empirical mode decomposition in sports" Abstract

·         Beleulmi s. , Bellaouar A., Lachi Dron j. P. "Estimation bayésienne du taux de défaillance  en fiabilité" Abstract

·         Mollasalehi E., Sun Q., Wood D. "Fault assessment of generator bearing for a 1.5 mw wind turbine" Abstract