The Control and Robotics Laboratory (CoRo) is situated on the third floor of Pav. A of the ÉTS. The main room, A-3566, is equipped with 16 workstations. The adjoining room, A-3569, houses a robotic system and metrology equipment.

Room A-3566

Room A-3569

The following are two of the prototypes produced at the CoRo.

DexTAR, XYZ parallel robot (Video)

PreXYT, XY-Theta parallel robot (Video)

The following are the main pieces of equipment available at the CoRo. (all photos below are expandable)

Visualeyez VZ 4000 motion capture unit, PhoeniX Technologies (specifications)

Faro laser tracker ION, Faro Technologies (specifications)

FaroArm Platinum, Faro Technologies (specifications)

XL-80 laser interferometer system, Renishaw

QC20-W ballbar system, Renishaw

IRB 1600 industrial robot, ABB (specifications)

The robot’s cell is equipped with a 60,000 rpm spindle (SLF HF), an electric gripper (Schunk PG 70), an electric actuator (IAI), and a probe (Renishaw LP2). Four other robots of the same model are used in Professor Ilian Bonev’s teaching laboratory (see photo, see vidéo).

Universal gripper, Robotiq (specifications)

The Robotiq arm is a smart gripper that can automatically adapt to the shape of an object. This arm was donated by the manufacturer, Robotiq.

IRB 360 industrial robot (FlexPicker), ABB (specifications)

The robot is built into a cell with three conveyors and a camera (voir photo, voir video).