The Research Laboratory on the Nordic Environment Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines focuses on issues that are central and crucial for the development and operation of wind farms, where blade aerodynamics and the atmospheric boundary layer play a major role.

The lab's research program has two main facets:

  1. Advanced aerodynamic modeling aimed at developing and using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technologies to study aerodynamics phenomena that are hard to analyze using current industrial methods;
  2. Development of testing procedures for wind turbines and wind farms.

The Laboratory covers a wide spectrum of applications, focused on aspects associated with the exploitation of wind resources in Nordic environments. The results of this research are important for wind turbine designers, wind project promoters and wind farm owners and operators.

The Laboratory has meteorological towers which are fully fitted and equipped with synchronized data acquisition systems and a simulation laboratory dedicated to wind farm aerodynamic modelling.

The objectives of the lab's research program are:
  • To promote the exploitation of the wind energy resource in Nordic environments
  • To anticipate the impacts of the application of wind energy technology in Nordic environments
  • To identify the type of technology adapted to the Canadian climate
  • To propose innovative technologies.