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Paid work terms and work

Paid work terms in industry

Students at ÉTS who are enrolled in a professional-type Master’s program can complete a 4 month paid work term at a company. This type of activity is reserved for students who are Canadian citizens or permanents residents or who hold a valid work permit in Canada.

More information concerning work terms for graduate and doctoral students
The majority of professional-type Master’s programs (with project) offer the option of completing a work term for credit (STA802 or MGA902) or as an extra-curricular activity (STA800) (consult the description of your program). If your program includes the option of completing a work term, you will automatically be given access to the list of graduate-level work terms posted by the ÉTS Service de l’enseignement coopératif (Cooperative Education department). You can also find a work term on your own ("personal research work term") and have the work term approved by the Service de l’enseignement coopératif (Cooperative Education department). In order to be eligible to apply for a work term, you must have previously completed the PRE810 Graduate and doctoral career development activity.

Work terms last for 4 months, are carried out on a full-time basis and are paid at a rate of $10,000 to $12,000 for the duration of the work term.

Part-time work on campus

Every term, part-time jobs and occasional jobs for certain events are offered to students. There is no list of the jobs that are available on campus, but you can submit your CV to the following departments:

Type of work Department Procedure
Receptionist, open house guide, various tasks during large-scale events (setup, greeting, cloakroom, etc.) Communications

Send your CV to
Ginette Béliveau

Receptionist, host, orientation for new students
Services aux étudiants (Student services) Send your CV to Services aux étudiants (Student services) 
Guide and ambassador for recruitment activities (high schools and colleges of general and vocational education [CEGEPs])
Student recruitment Send your CV to
Audrey Jarry
Counter attendant Co-op library Bring your CV to the Co-op counter
Reception desk attendant, referee, coach Sports complex Bring your CV to the reception desk at the Sports complex
Exam monitor Academic affairs

Send your CV to
Manon Côté

Server 100 génies Resto-pub Bring your CV to the resto-pub
Store attendant,
laboratory attendant, teaching assistant
Engineering departments Bring your CV to the corresponding department

Work permit for international students

Certain international students are permitted to work in Canada during their studies. It is important to note that working on campus at ÉTS does not require a work permit. In order to be authorized to work on campus, however, you must be enrolled full-time and hold a valid study permit.

Types of work permits available:

  • Work term within the context of a co-op program
  • Postgraduate work

Visit the Internship and Employment section of our website and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website for more information.