Study permit

The study permit is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which grants the status of foreign student in Canada. Since the validity of your study permit will not exceed that of your passport, prior to renewing your study permit, please ensure that your passport is valid.

Extending the study permit

If your study permit expires before you have completed your program of study, you will need to apply to extend it. International students studying in Quebec must first have a valid CAQ before being able to extend their study permit.

When you apply, indicate the ÉTS designated learning institution number: O19359201210.

If you have any questions about your study permit application, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 1 888 242-2100 FREE.

Visit the CIC web site to find out more about processing times for extension applications.

Implied status

Prior to the expiration date of your study permit, you must submit your valid CAQ (if renewed) to the Registrar’s Office and either a new study permit or the proof of having applied to extend your study permit.

Carefully read the guidelines and restrictions regarding travel outside Canada while you have implied status. Visit the CIC web site to find out more about implied status.

Restoration of status

If you do not provide the Registrar’s Office with proof that you have a valid CAQ (if your CAQ was expiring) and that you have applied to extend your study permit before its expiration date,
 you will lose your status as a registered student at ÉTS. You will not be able to register again until you have new and valid documents.

In certain cases, students who have lost their status can request a restoration of status within 90 days following their study permit’s expiration date.

Visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site to find out more about extending your study permit.