Quebec Acceptance Certificate

International students in Quebec, unless otherwise exempted, must obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate for studies (CAQ) prior to applying for their study permit.

The CAQ is issued for a single level of study (ex.: master’s degree or Ph.D.) and its validity is based on the typical length of your program. If you change your level of study, for example by switching from a master’s degree program to a Ph.D. program or vice versa, you must submit a new CAQ application.

If you are a new student and you deferred your admission to ÉTS after having received your CAQ, please read carefully the information on the validity of a CAQ on the Quebec immigration ministry (MIDI) website.


The Quebec immigration ministry (MIDI) recommends that international students submit their extension request 3 to 4 months before the expiration date of their Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). It usually takes 4 weeks to process requests when the application has been duly completed; the process may take longer if there are documents missing from your application.

Please note that you cannot extend your study permit for Quebec if your CAQ is not valid.

Find out more about the procedure you need to follow and the documents you need to provide.

Conditions for your stay 

When you submit a request to renew your CAQ, the Quebec immigration ministry (MIDI) agents will check that you have complied with the conditions for your stay (for example, full-time enrollment) and that you are able to pay for the costs associated with your studies. These costs include your living expenses, medical insurance and tuition fees.

Carefully read the information pertaining to financial capacity and use the templates available on the MIDI website.

If you receive a scholarship grant, make sure you include up-to-date confirmation of the details of your scholarship. Your documentation should include the frequency and amount of payments, any restrictions and the duration.

Document request from the Register's Office

You can submit your request for an academic transcript or confirmation of enrollment at the  Registrar's Office.