Official documents

You may need to renew certain official documents during the course of your studies, depending on their expiration date. Be sure to take care of this matter early, as the consequences of having expired documents include losing your status as a registered student. Plan ahead!

During your studies

Every term, staff at the Registrar’s Office check the validity of the official documents in students’ files.

If your official documents expire before the end of your course of study, you must renew them and provide proof of renewal to the Registrar’s Office before their expiration date.

Length of stay
Official documents

Study programs of less than 6 months 

If you are enrolled in a mobility program of less than 6 months, you have Visitor status and are exempted from holding a Quebec Acceptance Certificate and a study permit.

This is the case, for example, for students who take part in one-semester exchange programs.In order to finalize your enrollment, you must present your valid passport to the Registrar's Office.

Residents of certain countries must have a Temporary Resident visa to enter Canada.  Please also check the requirements for the Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Canada.
Study programs of more than 6 months These documents must be valid when you register and, subsequently, for each semester:

*Certain students may be exempted. Check the exemption list on the Quebec immigration ministry web site.

You must present your official documents to the Registrar’s Office for validation.

Residents of certain countries must have a Temporary Resident to enter Canada. The Registrar's Office does not verify this document.

Please also check the requirements for the Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Canada.

Check the calendar of activities to know when information sessions dealing with the renewal of official documents are held.  

After your studies

After you complete your program of studies, you may wish to work in Canada temporarily or choose to apply for permanent residency.

Permanent resident status :  Every year, the Student Services Office invites an agent from the Quebec immigration ministry on campus to provide an overview of programs that can lead to Permanent Resident status. Check the calendar of activities to reserve your spot for this always-popular presentation! 

You’ll find a wealth of information on the following immigration-related sites:

Post-graduation work permit :  The post-graduation work permit allows certain graduates from accredited establishments to work in Canada after completing their studies. To be eligible, amongst other criteria, you must have successfully completed a program of study of at least 8 months.

Eligibility criteria include the following:

  • Successfully complete your program and provide as proof a certificate of completion of studies from the Registrar's Office
  • Have a valid study permit when you apply
  • Submit your request within 90 days of the date of your certificate of completion of studies

There are other eligibility criteria. Find out what they are and the procedure you need to follow by visiting the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website: Stay in Canada after graduation.

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