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Educational and technological support

Audiovisual and multimedia

Audiovisual and multimedia equipment and services are available to students on loan at no charge. Please note that the equipment can only be borrowed for academic purposes.

To reserve equipment, go to the counter (Room B-0704) in order to obtain the form, which must be signed by the professor or your project supervisor.

Available equipment:
• Tape recorder
• Digital camera
• Digital video camera
• Tripod for camera or video camera
• Multimedia projector
• Portable screen
• Laser pointer
• Combination module (cart - television - DVD player – VHS player)


Consult the identification table to find your identification information for services such as Signets, ChemiNot, e-mail, etc.


The expansive ÉTS library offers students a number of work rooms and a variety of tools and computers. The library’s information assets, focusing primarily on science and engineering, comprise more than 70,000 paper or electronic documents.

Problems choosing courses

Are you having problems choosing courses, or do you have questions concerning your academic stream?

Undergraduate students: Contact the student records officer for your program.

Graduate and doctoral students: Contact your Research Director, or the Program Director if you do not yet have a Research Director. See also the section entitled A step-by-step approach.

Technological resources

Are you having problems with e-mail, access or a computer in a laboratory? Request a service call or report the problem by e-mail:

Construction engineering
Electrical engineering
Software and IT engineering
Mechanical engineering
Automated manufacturing engineering
General education

Please include the following information in your request:

• Your name and your permanent code
• The room number and your extension, if applicable
• The name or number of the computer (or equipment) that is causing the problem
• Any details that may facilitate servicing (e.g.: include a screen capture, make a note of error messages, etc.)

Your request will be processed within 5 days.