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Interactive portal

Here are some digital resources to which students have access during their studies at ÉTS.

Mon ÉTS brings together, in a single interface, the services formerly found at Cheminot, Moodle, and Signet. You can access it using the menu at the top of the page on the ÉTS site.

  • Online consultation and registration system (Cheminot)
  • E-mail (ÉTS account)
  • Digital learning environment for course notes, electronic submission of coursework and assignments, and reports (Moodle)
  • Course schedules
  • Exam schedules
  • Your assignment and exam results
  • Your diagnostic test results
  • Tuition fee receipts
  • Income tax sheets
  • Personal information and password management
  • Healthcare and medication insurance file (ASEQ)
  • Request for a locker
  • Registration for the Calling of the Engineer ceremony and the graduation ceremony
  • eGrants

Also found here are other useful documents, including ÉTS forms and proof required to obtain a fare discount from the STM.

Google Apps is a collaborative work environment. It includes:

  • An office suite designed to enable online collaboration and sharing
  • Google Drive, 5-GB data storage in the cloud
  • An Agenda that can be synchronized with the university calendar
  • Google Groups to structure forums and manage sharing
  • Google Sites for sharing and managing web content 
  • e-mail account available for life (25-GB capacity)
  • LucidChart to create and share diagrams online
  • MindMeister to document brainstorming sessions
  • SlideRocket to create sophisticated online presentations
  • Do for project management

To find out more, visit the site de soutien.

This application, available in at Appstore and Google Play, is optimized for mobiles; use it to consult:

  • Evaluation results
  • Course schedules
  • News from various ÉTS media
  • ÉTS employee directory
  • Current balance
  • Library catalogue
  • Emergency procedures
  • Comments

ACCROS is a linguistic site that contains a wealth of useful information for drafting end-of-term reports or projects or dissertations or theses. It also features a column on the French language and a list of common grammatical and syntactical errors in French.