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When you leave

Prepare for your departure by carrying out the following tasks:

  1. Submit your notice of departure:
    • Inform the Housing Office of the date when you are leaving.
    • Go to the Housing Office in order to verify and pay the balance of your account. You will then be given an envelope to be used for returning your access card(s) and key(s).

  2. Empty your room:
    • Empty your room completely, and clean it.
    • Close the windows and lock the door of your room when leaving the premises..

  3. Clean out the common areas in the apartment:
    • Remove all of your personal belongings from your room.
    • Empty and clean storage spaces in the kitchen and bathroom.
    • Place your trash and recyclables in the appropriate locations.

  4. Immediately prior to leaving the residence for the last time:
    • Place your access card(s), key(s,) and parking pass in the envelope provided for that purpose.
    • Return the envelope to the Housing Office. If the Housing Office is closed when you are leaving, return the envelope to the ETS Security Office, which is located at the entrance to Building-A (1100 Notre-Dame Street)..
    • Return any borrowed equipment (vacuum, broom, mop, iron, ironing board, etc.) to the Housing Office.

Additional charges (damages, etc.)

A site visit is conducted when each tenant departs, or shortly thereafter. If it is discovered that the premises have not been left in satisfactory condition and/or if the apartment has been damaged extensively and/or if furniture is missing, the departing tenant will be held responsible, and a lump sum will be charged to his or her account. Charges will also be applied if the tenant fails to return access card(s), parking pass, room key(s), and mailbox key(s), along with any equipment that is borrowed and not returned upon departure.