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Reserving housing

Submitting the Housing Reservation form does not create an obligation on your part. Your commitment only becomes official once you pay the required deposit after receiving confirmation that a room or unit has been assigned to you.

When to apply
We accept applications throughout the year. Due to the growing demand for rooms in our houses, we strongly recommend that you apply as soon as possible even if you are not yet admitted to ETS. If you decide not to study at ETS, send us an email to let us know about your decision and we will cancel your request.

Who can rent?
All students who are registered at ETS are eligible to rent a room at our residences. However, priority is given to students who are registered for full-time study. If there are no rooms available when you apply, your name can be placed on a waiting list.

When you apply for residence, you can indicate the type of unit you prefer and the roommate(s) you wish to live with. However, we respond to your requests depending on availability in the residences.

Room assignments
Tenants are not permitted to change room assignments among themselves. If you wish to change rooms, you must submit a request to the ETS Housing Office.

Payment of deposit
You must pay the deposit due after making the reservation and received confirmation.
Pay the deposit