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Lenght of graduate and doctoral studies

  Specialized graduate diploma (DESS)  Masters with project
(M. Eng.)
Masters with thesis
Full time

Part time
3 sessions
7 sessions
6 sessions
12 sessions
6 sessions
12 sessions*
12 sessions
21 sessions*
* An applicant for a masters program with thesis or a Ph.D. program must commit to full-time registration upon admission. Part-time admission to these programs may be considered under exceptional circumstances. In order to be admitted as a part-time student, or to change status from full-time to part-time, there must be adequate proof that the existing conditions are such that the student will be in a position to successfully complete the program.
Extension of the maximum length of studies
(Sec. 4.5)
A student who has not met the requirements for the program within the maximum length of time permitted, and who would like to continue in the program, may obtain an extension for a period not exceeding one year (three sessions). The request will be accepted if it is reasonable to believe that the activities that remain to be undertaken can be completed within the requested extension period.    
Unauthorized absence
(Sec. 4.4.2)
Beginning with the 2nd study session, a student in a specialized graduate diploma (DESS) program or a masters program with project is entitled to an unauthorized absence of up to three consecutive sessions, without following any specific procedure.
However, an unauthorized absence does not extend the maximum length of time permitted for completing the program. 
A student in a masters program with thesis or a Ph.D. program is not entitled to an unauthorized absence.
Authorized absence
(Sec. 4.4.2)
An authorized absence is not taken into consideration when calculating the length of studies or the deadlines applicable to certain specific conditions. Therefore, the maximum length of time permitted for completing the program will be extended by the number of sessions corresponding to the authorized period of absence, which may be a maximum of three consecutive or non-consecutive sessions.

Please note that the By-Law stipulates a deadline for submitting a request for an authorized absence, namely that the authorization for absence must be obtained and validated before the end of the registration period for the first session of the absence. Otherwise, the absence will be considered to be unauthorized. For specialized graduate diploma (DESS) programs and masters programs with project, an absence can only be authorized beginning with the 2nd study session.

Any request for an authorized absence must be justified by a valid reason, such as illness, parental leave, or professional or family obligations, and must be substantiated by supporting documentation.