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Optimizing the commercial potential

When ÉTS determines that an invention shows promising potential, or in other words, that it meets a real need in the market and creates a competitive advantage over existing solutions, it launches the process of optimizing the commercial potential of the invention.

The main objective of this process is to find a clientele for the invention in industry. Depending on the nature of the invention, the commercialization strategy may be oriented toward granting an operating licence to an existing organization or creating a start-up company.

At the same time, the optimization process also involves activities related to the development and protection of intellectual property. Throughout this process, the researchers (professors, professionals, or students) work closely with the technology transfer agent and with Aligo Innovation (commercialization consultant), the research commercialization company mandated by ÉTS for this purpose.

Aligo Innovation

ÉTS has mandated an external research commercialization company, Aligo Innovation, to evaluate the commercial potential of new technologies that are developed at ÉTS and to identify industrial partners who are interested in commercializing these technologies. In addition to ÉTS, this research commercialization company also provides services to institutions associated with Université de Québec à Montréal, Université de Québec à Rimouski and Concordia University.