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Ethics for research involving human subjects

ÉTS has adopted the Politique d’éthique de la recherche avec des êtres humains (Ethics policy respecting research involving human subjects), which is designed to protect human beings who take part in research projects. This Policy, which was initially approved by the Board of Directors in 1999, underwent significant amendments in May 2005 and minor amendments in May 2006.

This Policy requires that all research involving the participation of human subjects that is conducted or supervised by ÉTS professors, employees or students must be approved by the ÉTS comité d’éthique de la recherche (CÉR – Research Ethics Committee) before it can be initiated, regardless of whether it is financed or not. A certificat d’éthique (Ethics certificate) will be issued for all projects that receive unconditional approval from the CÉR.

For information contact the Dean of Research, 514 396-8800 #7807.