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Graduate and Ph.D. students

Ethics for research involving human subjects

If your research project involves the need for human subjects, you must obtain a certificat d’éthique (Ethics certificate) before you begin your project.

This should be indicated on the form entitled Identification du sujet de recherche (Identification of research subject) that you fill out at the Dean of Studies office, which also invites you to include all information required for the purpose of obtaining the certificat d’éthique, if necessary.

For more information, refer to the section entitled Ethics for research involving human subjects.


Refer to the section entitled Financial matters and Info Bourses.

Institut de conception et d’innovation en aérospatiale (ICIA – Institute for Design and Innovation in Aerospace) at ÉTS

The ICIA’s mandate is to offer specialized co-op work-terms in the aerospace industry to undergraduate and graduate students in the Montréal area. Its mission is to provide co-op students with cutting-edge practical knowledge of innovation and design in order to meet the growing development needs of this major industrial sector in Québec.

Visit the ICIA website.

List of research projects

You still haven’t chosen the research subject for your master’s thesis or your doctoral dissertation? Consult the list of research projects available to ÉTS graduate and doctoral students.

Theses and dissertations: Confidentiality and publication of data

Once you have completed your dissertation or thesis, it is important to pay particular attention to the concepts of confidentiality and publication. In order to be properly prepared, please consult the section entitled Confidentiality of dissertations and theses.

For complete information concerning the steps involved in the various graduate and doctoral programs, please refer to the sub-section entitled A step-by-step approach in in the Graduate Studies section.