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Health technologies

Research axis

Biomechanics and biomaterials
Medical imaging and devices
Occupational health and safety
Telehealth, electronic patient records

Chairs and research units

Canada Research Chair in Engineering Innovations in Spinal Trauma
Canada Research Chair in 3D Imaging and Biomedical Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Precision Robotics
Canada Research Chair on Biomaterials and Endovascular Implants
Chaire de recherche ÉTS sur les technologies de capteurs en robotique interactive et en mécatronique
Research Chair on Materials used in Protective Clothing and Equipment in Occupational Health and Safety
NSERC-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies
Marie-Lou and Yves Cotrel Research Chair in Orthopaedics at CHUM and Université de Montréal
Control and Robotics Laboratory – CoRo
Occupational Safety Research Team – ÉREST
Biomedical Information Processing Laboratory – LATIS
Imagery and Orthopedics Research Laboratory – LIO
Laboratoire d'imagerie interventionnelle – LIVE

Enabling technologies

Enabling technologies correspond to leading approches in engineering R&D, ranging from the most theoretical (ideation and design) to the most tangible and/or pratical (materials characterization, nanotechnologies). In turn, these three domains, which are of competitive interest to all business sectors, encompass various categories of activities.

Engineering sciences
• Ideation and design
• Modelling, simulation, analysis, optimization
• Operations management, production management, supply chain management
• Project management, life cycle analysis, certification
• Innovation management
Software and computer applications
• Software engineering, security, biometry, surveillance
• Multumedia: AI, computer graphics, interfaces, video, vision, voice, digital documents
• Maintenance, quality, embedded systems
Materials and fabrication
• Product development and prototyping, manufacturing process optimization
• Manufacturing systems, robotics, automation
• Machine dynamics and vibration
• Machine components (pressure tanks, seals, tribology and gears)
• Fabrication; clean, high-speed and high-performance machining
• Characterization of materials and in situ testing; development of advanced materials
• Nanotechnologies