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Aerospace and land transportation

Research axis

Aerodynamics, aeroservoelasticity
Manufacturing processes, in-service performance, avionics
Public transportation, cyber-transportation
Propulsion and gas turbine engines

Chairs and research units

  Canada Research Chair for Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Technologies
NSERC/P&WC Industrial Research Chair on Propulsion System Integration and Optimization 
Industrial Research Chair in Forming Technologies of High-Strength Alloys (CM2P)
ETS Research Chair on Functionally Graded and Architectured Materials and Structures Produced by Additive Manufacturing
ETS Research Chair on Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Urban Infrastructures: Assessment, Diagnosis and Methods
Stress Analysis by Finite Element and Testing Laboratory – ACEFE
Machine Dynamics, Structures and Processes Team – DYNAMO
Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory – LAMSI
Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Active Control, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity – LARCASE
Composite Materials Manufacturing and Characterization Laboratory – LFCMC 
Products, Processes, and Systems Engineering Laboratory – LIPPS
Optimization of Aerospace Manufacturing Processes Laboratory – LOFPA
Thermo-Fluids for Transport Laboratory – TFT

Enabling technologies

Enabling technologies correspond to leading approches in engineering R&D, ranging from the most theoretical (ideation and design) to the most tangible and/or pratical (materials characterization, nanotechnologies). In turn, these three domains, which are of competitive interest to all business sectors, encompass various categories of activities.

Engineering sciences
• Ideation and design
• Modelling, simulation, analysis, optimization
• Operations management, production management, supply chain management
• Project management, life cycle analysis, certification
• Innovation management
Software and computer applications
• Software engineering, security, biometry, surveillance
• Multimedia: AI, computer graphics, interfaces, video, vision, voice, digital documents
• Maintenance, quality, embedded systems
Materials and fabrication
• Product development and prototyping, manufacturing process optimization
• Manufacturing systems, robotics, automation
• Machine dynamics and vibration
• Machine components (pressure tanks, seals, tribology and gears)
• Fabrication; clean, high-speed and high-performance machining
• Characterization of materials and in situ testing; development of advanced materials
• Nanotechnologies