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Personalized study program


Master of Applied Science (MASc)


To train specialists in the field of technology in the areas of technology transfer and integration.

To that end, students acquire advanced knowledge in technology and the skills and aptitudes required to determine technology needs in a given company or sector. Students also learn to define, justify, plan, and complete an implementation project for an existing technology or an applied research project in the fields of application associated with the technology.

This course of study is designed mainly for students whose project requires input from various fields of knowledge in engineering and students whose specialized training objectives cannot satisfactorily be met by existing study programs.

This is a 45-credit program that is offered on a continuing basis; accordingly, activities are provided during the fall, winter, and summer semesters.

Admission conditions

Candidates must have a bachelor degree or equivalent accreditation in an appropriate field of engineering with a grade point average of at least 3.0 (out of 4.3) or the equivalent;

or possess knowledge, training, and experience deemed appropriate and sufficient.

Candidates who do not meet these conditions may have to complete refresher or preparatory courses.

Candidates must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the French language in accordance with the ÉTS language policy;

or candidates may be admitted if they have sufficient knowledge of English as attested by a diploma or degree from an English-language university or by successfully completing an English-language test prior to admission. In addition to program requirements, candidates must successfully complete a non-program French-language course of an appropriate level to obtain their degree.

Candidates admitted on the basis of their knowledge of English must demonstrate that a professor has agreed to be their thesis director.

Generally, students who cannot read English with ease will face difficulties in their studies given the vast number of manuals and publications provided in this language.

Program structure

  • 1 compulsory activity for 3 credits
  • 3 or 4 optional activities for a total of at least 12 credits
  • 1 thesis for 30 credits

List of activities

1 compulsory activity (3 credits):
MTR801 Planning an engineering research project (3 cr.)

3 or 4 optional activities (for a total of at least 12 credits) selected from a list of ÉTS graduate-study activities (generally, from the 800 and 900 levels).

Optional activities must be relevant to the thesis topic and approved by the research director or the program director if a research director is not yet appointed.

With prior approval from the program director, two of the optional activities may be replaced by relevant activities from other undergraduate or graduate programs at ÉTS or another university.

Near the end of the program, students must successfully complete the following activity: MTR890 Thesis (30 cr.)

Specific regulations

Upon approval, students registered in an undergraduate program at ÉTS who have obtained 90 credits with a grade point average of at least 3.2 (out of 4.3) may take up to 3 graduate-level courses instead of core program courses. To do so, students must submit a request to their department.

If students are subsequently admitted to this graduate study program, courses completed with a grade of B or higher may be credited to them pending approval from their research director.