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International projects and global engineering

The objective of these programs is to train professionals and managers to head multidisciplinary projects in an international context, from the feasibility study phase to completion. Students learn to interpret key international legal, regulatory and normative frameworks , and to implement the globalization of innovation. They also acquire the skills necessary to lead multicultural teams, to build and maintain excellent relationships with their colleagues and partners during the course of projects, and to analyze and understand the technical, economic, social and environmental issues associated with engineering activities at the international level.

These programs are intended for engineers and managers who are working in a field that is predominated by engineering activities.

Overview of courses offered

  • Business strategies and global markets
  • International innovations and marketing: Outlook and methods
  • Contractual aspects of international projects
  • Financing for international engineering projects
  • International economic intelligence, ethics and governance
  • Virtual teams and global engineering environments
  • Environmental protection and international projects

Study programs

45-credit master's degree (in French):
  • Master's degree in engineering, concentration in international projects and global engineering – with project (courses)

30-credit specialized graduate degree (in French):
  • Specialized graduate degree in international projects and global engineering

15-credit short program (in French):
  • Short program in international project management
  • Short program in the feasibility of international projects