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Engineering project management

Based on the Book of Knowledge developed by the Project Management Institute, these programs enable engineers and professionals to acquire the strategic management skills they need to design, produce and complete engineering projects on-time, on budget and in accordance with established specifications while respecting individuals, the environment and quality standards.

The Master's program is intended for engineers, practitioners of applied sciences, and professionals who are working in a field that is predominated by engineering activities. It equips them with essential basic training in project management and the methodology required in order to comply with trade practices. It also includes a project or a thesis that gives the student the opportunity to synthesize the acquired knowledge.

Overview of courses offered

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Management of multiple projects
  • Human-resources management in project situations
  • Advanced project engineering
  • Governance of IT and business architecture
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Contractual aspects of international engineering projects

Study programs and admission requirements

45-credit master's degree:

  • Master's degree in engineering, concentration in engineering project management
    • with thesis (research) (in French or English)
    • with project (courses) (in French)

30-credit specialized graduate degree (in French):
  • Specialized graduate degree in engineering project management

15-credit short program (in French):
  • Short program in engineering project management