Admission requirements for Master’s degree with thesis (research)

In order to be admitted, the candidate must satisfy the specific admission requirements for the program in question, as well as the general admission requirements that apply to all programs.

General admission requirements for all programs

  Language Policy
  A candidate who wishes to obtain a Master’s degree - With thesis (research) must meet the following two requirements of the Language Policy:
  •  English
The candidate is admitted based on an adequate knowledge of English, as evidenced by having obtained a diploma from an English university or by having successfully completed an English-language test before admission.
  •  French
In addition to the requirements for the program, in order to obtain a diploma, the candidate must successfully complete an appropriate university-level French-language  course of three credits.
Thesis Director
  A candidate who is admitted based on an adequate knowledge of English must also provide proof that a Professor has agreed to act as Thesis Director. In fact, ÉTS cannot redirect a student to a course-based program if the student has not found a Research Director.
Upgrading or preparatory courses
  A candidate who is deemed to be inadequately prepared may be required to take upgrading courses or a preparatory course.

Program structure

  • 2 mandatory activities
  • 3 optional activities
  • 1 thesis (30 credits)

List of activites

2 mandatory activities (6 credits):

   MTR801  Planning for an engineering research project (3 cr.)
   MTR871  Guided reading (3 cr.)

3 optional activities (9 credits) from the corresponding program:
Registration for external courses must be carried out using a system that is managed by CRÉPUQ. For more information, please refer to the procedure respecting authorization for external studies.

The student must successfully complete the following activity near the end of the program:

   MTR890  Thesis (30 cr.)