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Five engineering departments offer 75 undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. study programs.

At the undergraduate level, the seven Bachelor’s programs include more practical work periods, laboratory sessions and projects than any other engineering study program in Québec. Each program includes three practical internships at companies to complete the students' theoretical knowledge.

At the graduate and Ph.D. levels, the programs are intended for future researchers who are interested in research and development initiatives, and in contributing to the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge.

ÉTS also offers short programs that are specifically designed for individuals who are seeking focused training in a particular field or those who cannot commit to a longer program. This progressive structure features the significant advantage of allowing students to apply the 15 credits earned for the short program toward another program at a later time. More specifically, students can apply these credits toward a 30-credit specialized graduate degree program, which in turn can be applied toward a 45-credit Master's program. This flexibility is highly conducive to the completion of a study program.