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Sustainable development at ÉTS

The engineer of today and tomorrow has a vital role to play in terms of the innovation and orientation of technologies designed to bring about improved management of resources and a better quality of life for his or her fellow citizens. In its role as an engineering school and a responsible citizen, ETS also strives to train engineers for whom sustainable development will be a priority in their practices.

The sustainable development policy in effect at ETS applies to all of its activities: from teaching to research to procurement, and even to its social involvement in the district and the construction and renovation of buildings on campus. The building that houses the INGO Innovation Centre was renovated according to LEED standards.

ETS adheres to the UN Global Compact, and is a member of the Sustainable Building Council of Canada. In addition, the ETS student Association has adopted a sustainable development policy that is in keeping with that of the School.

With respect to energy management, ETS has ranked among the leaders in university establishments in Québec for 25 years, and has been recognized for the energy efficiency of its electromechanical systems on a number of occasions.

Visit the ÉTS sustainable development website Bâtir un monde durable avec génie (in French)