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Discovering Montreal

A renowned metropolis in the province of Québec that is among the largest cities in North America, Montréal welcomes thousands of students from around the world every year, and is seen as a preferred destination because of the quality of teaching that is available, and for its quality of life.

Located on an island in the St. Lawrence River, Montréal is home to multiple and diverse attractions. In addition to the large Francophone population, there is also a sizable Anglophone community and many cultural communities, which gives the city a cosmopolitan flair. Boasting a human dimension in a city where everyone feels safe, Montréal features vibrant neighbourhoods and numerous green spaces, along with restaurants to suit every taste and budget. Every year, Montréal plays host to a large number of international festivals and cultural and sporting events, and outdoor enthusiasts can travel to the nearby countryside or the mountain in order to take full advantage of all four seasons.

Only one hour from New York City by air, and approximately 100 kilometres from the United States border, Montréal is renowned for the vitality of its economic life. From engineering to telecommunications, not to mention aerospace, IT and biotechnologies, it is home to the head offices of numerous cutting-edge companies, corporations and industries where engineers and researchers from ETS continue to excel.

Located right in the heart of this dynamic city and well-established industrial hub, ETS is proud to welcome an ever-increasing number of students who are seeking to pursue their applied engineering studies at a truly outstanding engineering school.

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