Inauguration of the ArianeGroup Research Chair

ETS is proud to announce the launch of the ArianeGroup Research Chair on emerging materials in the aeronautics and space sector.

September 8, 2017
École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is proud to announce the launch of the ArianeGroup Research Chair on emerging materials in the aeronautics and space sector. Sylvain Cloutier, Professor and Researcher in the Electrical Engineering Department and Director of Professorial Affairs, Research and Partnerships at ÉTS is the Chairholder.

The industrial research Chair was created through a partnership with ArianeGroup, a company that is equally owned by Airbus and Safran, with a mission that includes developing the new Ariane 6 launcher. With a budget of CDN $1 million over a period of five years and a team of approximately twenty researchers, students and post-doctoral interns, who will be able to benefit from the expertise of ArianeGroup’s technical teams, the Chair will be conducting numerous projects.

The areas of research that the Chair will be focusing on will allow Professor Cloutier and his team to continue a number of projects that were initiated by ArianeGroup over recent years.

The first project will focus on the development of a smart coating and an anticorrosive surface treatment. Professor Cloutier explains: “Since 2013, we have been working with teams from ArianeGroup to enhance the corrosion protection for the aluminium alloy structures of the launchers using products that respect the European Union’s new environmental standards.” The Chairholder has enjoyed a long-lasting partnership with Airbus Defence and Space, and now with ArianeGroup.

Other projects initiated by the aerospace company include: the development of a coating with electrical properties that allow it to dissipate electrical charges, which are extremely high during launch; and new and more effective surface treatment technologies, especially those that can automatically absorb accidental scratches, which opens the door to the use of smart materials, which is among Professor Cloutier’s favourite research topics.

A second research project focuses on rethinking surface-preparation processes using future technologies that are more virtuous, flexible and economical, with a view to standardizing the quality and condition of the surfaces of treated parts, primarily through the use of processes such as new laser sources.

The functionalization of material surfaces, high-performance “green” materials and the improvement of processes and interfaces using new approaches will also produce responses to new issues that will be faced by the aerospace sector in the future.

ArianeGroup establishes a presence at ÉTS

The researchers working with the Chair will be able to collaborate closely with employees from ArianeGroup, which will soon take up residence at the INGO Innovation Centre at ÉTS, in the heart of Montréal’s Quartier de l’ innovation and only a few steps from Professor Cloutier’s lab. The mission of the INGO Innovation Centre is to bring together innovative companies that are seeking to strengthen their partnership with ÉTS in terms of research and technology transfer. This will be a first for ArianeGroup, a European company that has never before established a physical presence in Québec or anywhere in Canada.

ÉTS is extremely proud of the research projects that its members conduct in partnership with prestigious companies like ArianeGroup, with which it has established a long-lasting relationship. ÉTS is also delighted to see one of its own researchers holding two separate Chairs, including one that focuses on fundamental research and one with an industrial vocation, which is in keeping with one of the main objectives of ÉTS: to conduct superior-quality applied research. Finally, the premises that ArianeGroup will occupy at the INGO Innovation Centre are also a source of immense satisfaction for ÉTS, which is committed to playing a leading role in innovation in Québec.

About ArianeGroup

ArianeGroup develops and supplies innovative and competitive solutions for civil and military launch systems, a field where it has mastered the most advanced propulsion technologies. From design to production to commercial service through its subsidiary, Arianespace, it is the lead contractor for the Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 family of European launchers, and for the missiles in the French oceanic deterrent force. ArianeGroup and its subsidiaries enjoy a global reputation as specialists in the field of equipment and propulsion for space applications, while their expertise also benefits other industrial sectors. The Group is a joint venture equally owned by Airbus and Safran, and employs nearly 9,000 highly qualified individuals in France and Germany. Its estimated pro forma revenues exceed 3 billion euros.

Ariane Group ETS 
Left to right: Pierre Dumouchel, Director General (ÉTS), Pierre-André Baudart, Research & Technology Director (ArianeGroup), Sylvain G. Cloutier, ArianeGroup Chairholder, Coumar Oudea, Director of Academic Operations-Partnerships in Research-Technology (Ariane Group)

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