Professor Zbigniew Dziong

Improving traffic and resource-control mechanisms

March 2, 2015
Zbigniew Dziong, professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering.
Slow dial-up modem connections belong to a seemingly distant past. Today, we’re firmly committed to increasingly high-speed telecom connections. However, even information superhighways are subject to severe traffic congestion in the era of cloud computing and big data.

Zbigniew Dziong, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, is very familiar with this situation. He is an expert on data traffic and specializes in telecom resource management, in particular, data and wireless networks.

Cloud computing – a considerable challenge

It is estimated that cloud computing services will increase by 25% a year between 2012 and 2016, which is five times faster than the growth of the IT industry worldwide. This upsurge puts direct pressure on existing transmission networks and represents a huge challenge.

What is the solution? “Improve traffic and resource-control mechanisms,” says Professor Dziong. These mechanisms reduce packet delays, prevent information loss, and enhance network reliability. To achieve these goals, the researcher and his team are developing new mathematical and economic models, improving protocols and algorithms, and designing more effective architectures. As a result, they can optimize routing, access control, and data-scheduling.

Zbigniew Dziong is also working to optimize femtocell networks by enhancing spectrum, power, and resource allocation. In the device-to-device (D2D) field, his research aims to enable direct communication between mobiles without loss of data or delays.

Zbigniew Dziong’s research work is funded by NSERC, Bell Canada, ISR Technologies, FRQNT, and MESRST (formely MDEIE). In addition, he works closely with several other organizations in Quebec, elsewhere in North America, in Europe, and Asia.

To all appearances a brainy individual, Professor Dziong admits with a smile that he is rather obsessed by his work. When he’s not in his office, chances are you’ll find him on some windy body of water, enjoying some kitesurfing. On the water, at least, there’s no traffic.

About Professor Dziong
Professor Dziong, who holds a Ph.D. in telecommunications (electrical engineering) from the Warsaw University of Technology, joined École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in 2003. He is a member of the ÉTS’s Management Networks and telecommunications Research Laboratory (LAGRIT). Professor Dziong’s chief interests are:

  • Optical wireless multimedia networks
  • Resource-management for telecom networks
  • Communication-system performance and optimization
  • Fail safety and reliability of telecom networks
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