Léger surveys 400 opinion leaders

ÉTS brand recognition reaches new heights

October 6, 2015

Our efforts to publicize ÉTS are paying off! This is not our observation – this is what 400 opinion leaders have told the polling firm Léger as part of a survey designed to gauge ÉTS’s brand recognition. According to the survey’s findings, our brand recognition has reached a new peak since 2012.

Last spring, our Communications Department mandated the polling firm to measure our brand recognition and compare the findings with results from a similar survey carried out in 2012. The goal was to assess the impact of our communications strategies on ÉTS’s brand awareness. Given the latest survey findings, we can certainly say that our strategies have achieved target results.

Unaided awareness: ÉTS leads the way

For instance, when asked to name Quebec schools specializing in engineering, 61% of opinion leaders spontaneously mentioned ÉTS. In this category, ÉTS led its competitors by a significant margin: one school was mentioned by 54% of opinion leaders and another, by 48%.

An increasingly positive image

The 2012 survey found that opinion leaders had a very positive image of ÉTS. According to 2015 results, ÉTS shines even brighter: 96% of respondents said they had a “positive” or “very positive” image of ÉTS.

It is worth noting that the number of “very positive” responses has also gone up significantly: in 2015, 84% of respondents have a “very positive” opinion of ÉTS – up from 77% in 2012.

ÉTS’s brand image is also growing in appreciation among our alumni: in 2015, 75% of graduates have a “very positive” opinion of ÉTS, compared with 63% in 2012.

Improvement on every front

There’s more! The polling firm also assessed opinion leaders’ perception of the quality of training at ÉTS as well as the school’s role in economic development and its vision and ties with industry. Once again, their evaluation is much more positive than it was in 2012. In concrete terms, the proportion of opinion leaders who “fully agree” that ÉTS:

  • Provides high-quality training has gone up significantly from 79% to 86%
  • Represents an engine for economic development in Quebec has risen from 71% to 80%
  • Is a forward-looking institution went from 61% to 72%
  • Enjoys close ties with business jumped from 56% to 65%

Leaders who want to be associated with ÉTS

Yet another sign that ÉTS enjoys an enviable reputation among opinion leaders: 62% of them would like to receive further information about ÉTS projects. A large proportion of respondents (41%) even expressed their wish to take part in an ÉTS research activity… Yes, of course, we jotted down their contact info.

Ready for the next step?

These are the kinds of results that give you wings! The next step: build our brand recognition worldwide and become, by 2024, a truly world-class teaching institution.


The survey was conducted by telephone by Léger Marketing from April 6 to 28, 2015. In total, 400 interviews were carried out, including interviews with 218 opinion leaders in Greater Montreal. This survey follows a similar survey conducted in November 2012 to gauge ÉTS’s brand recognition.
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