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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is there any requirement on students’ major?
Among the many Challenges that will be disclosed on the competition day, six (6) of them will be offered to the Summer School participants. As the engineering disciplines involved will be electrical, mechanical, industrial, biological, environmental, software and information technology engineering, we encourage students from such fields (but not limited to) to participate. As each Challenge is multidisciplinary, Science students are also eligible to apply.

Are the students expected to study all the 4 modules?
All the modules are interconnected and integrated into one course (3 credit course). Consequently, we encourage students to follow all of them.

Are all participants required to join the 24 hours of Innovation competition?
Participation on the Competition day is strongly recommended, but not compulsory. There will be no negative impact on the final mark. Regardless of their decision to participate to the competition, the students will have to work on one of the Challenges proposed at the competition upon arrival in Montreal, where specific tutorial will also be provided.

What are the benefits of participating in the 24h of innovation competition?
During the 24h of Innovation, the participants create their team, select their challenge, confront their ideas and implement their solution. Through a practical approach, the competition provides them with a brief overview of the concepts and tools needed to structure the creativity process. By viewing the on-line webinar, all participants should be fully prepared and really enthusiastic about joining the event: this is a great experience and a fun event in which there are no losers, but only winners!