The Summer School officially starts with the “24 hours of innovation” international competition in which some challenges are identified as eligible for the Summer School. Students who chose these challenges and had been selected for the Summer School then come to Montreal to improve their project by learning the methods related to innovation and technological design.

2016 edition
47 participants, from 15 different countries have been divided in 8 teams to work on the following challenges:
  1. To collect regular water samples on several strategic points along the Saint Lawrence River using autonomous technology powered by a renewable energy source
  2. To advise the population in real time about the quality of the St-Lawrence River’s water and the risks of contamination due to sewer overflow
  3. To enable citizens to recognize and geo-index rare or invasive species (plant or animal) from the St-Lawrence River in order to protect or control them
  4. To prevent damage caused to the St-Lawrence River’s banks by waves from passing ships or wind , without harming the ecosystem or hindering access to the river – all while recovering lost energy
  5. To remove solid residue or pathogenic microorganisms from sewer overflow before they pollute the St-Lawrence River, using an autonomous process powered only by renewable energy sources

2015 edition
23  participants, from 10 countries (Algeria, China - Hong Kong, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Senegal, Singapore and Tunisia) have worked in teams on the following challenges:
  1. A mobile application to allow a motorist to easily find a parking space in a downtown area of a major city such as Montreal
  2. An on-demand waste collection system adapted to an autonomous vehicle named « Serpentine »
  3. A warehouse of products where robots are used to replace workers for repetitive and less attractive tasks