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JUNE 30 - JULY 29, 2016

After a great success of its first edition in 2015, ÉTS (École de technologie supérieure) is very pleased to announce that a second edition of its international summer school program will be held in Montreal in July 2016.

This original and innovative program is specifically designed for engineering students from our partner universities around the world, along with ÉTS students. The Summer School is an intensive 3-credit course, offered in English and rooted in ÉTS’ unique educational model, where students will have opportunities to cooperate with local institutions and industries on key technological issues.

    ETS campus is located downtown Montreal  
The summer also school offers participants an immersion into the Canadian culture, and Montreal unparalleled lifestyle, through culural and social activities.

Montreal is a dynamic commercial center, known worldwide for its creativity and innovation. It is the headquarters of the Cirque du Soleil, Bombardier, and many other technology companies... 
The summer school on Innovation and Technological Design begins with more than 2,000 students participating in the 24 Hours of Innovation competition worldwide. The ideas generated at this 24-hour international challenge will then be taken through the different steps of innovation management and made into prototypes at the ÉTS Summer School in Montreal.

Join us for this exciting event!

Useful information: 


Program schedule

The Summer School kicks off with the “24 Hours of Innovation” event held on May 24-25, 2016, on university campuses on all continents. The participants will experience the creativity and innovation process applied to real challenges submitted by industry, for 24 consecutive hours. The competition can be played at the students’ home campus, and is not limited to Summer School participants.

May 24-25, 2016
(at home campus or at ÉTS in Montreal)
24 Hours of Innovation
The competition runs around the clock
from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m. EST
June 30 - July 29, 2016 
(in Montreal)
The Summer School goes on in Montreal (4 weeks)

Weekends will include time for project work and social activities to discover Montreal and nearby areas.

Read the detailed timetable.

Program content

The Summer School is based on competency management and focuses on concrete projects. The Summer School on Innovation and Technological Design is an intensive four-week course divided into lectures and practical work. 

Prior to the course
(May 24-25, 2016)
ÉTS worldwide competition 24 Hours of Innovation competition 
MODULE#2 Creativity, innovation, basic design and prototyping Conditions for creativity, innovation process, product definition, design methods and introduction to prototyping
MODULE#3 Human-centered design and advanced concepts of innovation Organization design, complexity and design thinking, advanced interaction media, business model, marketing strategies and open innovation
MODULE#4  Project realization
Implementation of the innovation process on real projects 

Credit hours
  • 24 Hours of Innovation competition
  • 48 hours of class time
  • 64 hours of practical work

Total 136 hours = 3 credits (equivalent to 6 ECTS credits)

Teaching strategies
Different teaching strategies will be used throughout the course:
  • Lectures, conferences, demonstrations, learning activities, role playing, etc.;
  • Guided exercises, debates and discussions;
  • Case studies and simulations;
  • Practical applications (including prototyping) and problem solving;
  • Active and constructive participation.

Read the detailed syllabus.

24 Hours of Innovation competition

Les 24h de l'innovation The Summer School kicks off with the 24 Hours of Innovation competition... an all-night-event!

The 24 Hours of Innovation competition is an international event held on university campuses throughout the world where students can participate from their home base. 
Participants team together to find creative solutions to challenges proposed by various organisations (industries, public institutions, non-profit organisations, etc.).       

The 24 Hours of Innovation competition is compulsory for all ÉTS Summer School participants and is fully integrated into the Summer School program, as it constitutes its first module.

The subsequent modules are conducted in continuity to the projects initiated during the 24 Hours of Innovation competition. 

Enrolment in the Summer School is made on an individual basis. It is not required to enrol other team members if they wish to limit their participation to the 24 Hours of Innovation competition.

For more information, read the webinar presentations of the first edition held p
rior to the 2015 competition (may 23th, 2015), and after the competition (June 10th, 2015).


The summer school is open to ÉTS students, as well as from its partner institutions

Applicants must be enrolled either in a graduate program (Master’s or PhD) or be one year away from graduation in an engineering undergraduate program.

Students will be selected on the basis of their CV, cover/motivation letter and academic transcripts.

Language requirements

The Summer School program is fully taught in English. English will be used for instruction, discussion among participants, project présentation and assessement. A proof of English proficiency is required for admission, unless it is the applicant’s native language. The required level is B2 or above.

An official language test is not mandatory; ÉTS accepts attestation letters from an appropriate person at home institution, stating that the applicant has adequate English competency to complete university level engineering courses and assignments.

Since Montreal is a multilingual city, since ÉTS is a francophone institution and that the Summer School is open to ÉTS students, participants will have many opportunities to learn basics or practice French. Note that no French courses are not included in the Summer School program. 

Application procedure

International applicants have to fill out the on-line application form before March 15, 2016 (no application fees apply). 

If you are a current ÉTS student who would like to apply, please use our on-line simplified application form.

Due to its very experiential learning approach, the Summer School program is a course with limited capacity.

The following documents have to be included in your application:
  • Post-secondary transcripts: university-level courses and marks, and current registration
  • Birth certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of support released by an authorized person at home university, stating that the applicant is officially referred and allowed to participate in the Summer School
  • Letter of motivation in English stating your objectives for joining the Summer School
  • Proof of English proficiency, if applicable.

Want more information before applying? Any concerns? Fill out the online information request; we will keep you posted on any future news related to the 24h of innovation and 2016 summer school edition:

On-line documentation

Detailed course syllabus (2016 edition - posted on 2016-06-15) NEW - UPDATE
Detailed course schedule (2016 edition - posted on 2016-06-08) NEW 
Information webinar on Les 24 heures de l'innovation, also available on Youtube 
(held on 2016-05-09)
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Summer School
Student Handbook
(2016 edition - posted on 2016-05-13)